Dangerfield, Arizona lives up to it’s name in INFERIOR FIVE. The citizens of Dangerfield have been experiencing strange happenstances shortly after an “Invasion” that rocked the whole DC Universe. But no one seems to notice. No one, except five misfit kids. INFERIOR FIVE #3 takes this story to the next level!

Keith Griffen, Jeff Lemire, and the rest of the team behind the INFERIOR FIVE give us a miniseries that is both enticing and horrifying. Based off of the characters originally created by E. Nelson Bridwell, Joe Orlando, and Mike Esposito in 1966, Griffen and Lemire give us an updated spin on this superhero parody.

We left off with the Dominators running around Dangerfield. They’ve been toying the Inferior Five, leaving the team to believe the Dominators have left after the invasion. However, we know this isn’t the end. We’re now in the days of Earth’s rebirth, and the Inferior Five don’t even realize they’re a team! Luckily, they get a visit from a superhero from the 80’s, the Tasmanian Devil. And, wild enough, he’s pitted against an enemy that’s shaped…like a starfish? Will this be enough to help the Inferior Five defeat the Dominators and bring their parents back?

ComicsVerse was lucky enough to get an exclusive preview of INFERIOR FIVE #3! If you haven’t added this series to your pull list, it’s not too late! You can pick up the first two issues plus INFERIOR FIVE #3 on Wednesday, November 6th!


Inferior Five #3


Written by Keith Giffen & Jeff Lemire
Pencils by Keith Giffen & Jeff Lemire
Inks by Michelle Delecki & Jeff Lemire
Colored by Hi-Fi & Jose Villarrubia
Cover by Hi-Fi, Michelle Delecki, & Keith Giffen
Release Date November 6th, 2019

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All images courtesy of DC Comics.


Inferior Five #3

Inferior Five jeff lemire

Jeff Lemire

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