Victor Von Doom. Former dictator, former supervillain, former God. Right now? On a quest for redemption, he has become the Invincible, the Superior, the International, the Infamous Iron Man. In the hands of Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev, INFAMOUS IRON MAN has become the Marvel title Doom fans have been demanding. And what a journey it’s been, taking on the mantle of the Iron Avenger, battling old foes in the name of good, and most shockingly of all, discovering his mother is alive and well.

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But, that’s not all! The Reed Richards from the Ultimate Universe, aka the Maker, is trying to manipulate that rekindled relationship for his own nefarious plans. To stop him, Victor turns to former enemy Ben Grimm for aid. And not just aid — he wants Ben to kill Reed!

You think that’s crazy? In this exclusive preview of INFAMOUS IRON MAN #9, Victor has a vision of the future, where he holds a conversation with the original Iron Man, Tony Stark, who has somehow become the Sorcerer Supreme! How could Tony, a man of science, hold the mantle of one of the most powerful sorcerers of all time? And why is he warning Victor to stop being Iron Man? What has Tony seen? And, more importantly, will Victor listen? INFAMOUS IRON MAN has done a stellar job of showing a side to Victor Von Doom that we have rarely got a chance to see: a man at odds with himself, who doubts who he is and what he can do. INFAMOUS IRON MAN #9 promises a journey into mystery. It asks the question: should Victor give up on being Iron Man?

INFAMOUS IRON MAN #9 hits shelves on Wednesday, June 28th. Check out the full preview below to whet your appetite.

INFAMOUS IRON MAN #9 Image Gallery


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