Amadeus Cho, also known as The Totally Awesome Hulk, is no longer keeping the beast within in INCREDIBLE HULK #714! After completing a stint on Sakaar, Cho has returned to Earth to reassess his role as the Hulk.

Thus, from writer Greg Pak comes a rather introspective adventure featuring our large green friend.

So, how does INCREDIBLE HULK #714 fare?

Well, find out, right here!

incredible hulk #714
INCREDIBLE HULK #714. Page 2. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Civil War of Cho & Hulk

INCREDIBLE HULK #714 begins with Hulk making his return to Earth. New York City to be exact. Upon his arrival, he faces a barrage of questions from his sister, Maddy. In response to her panic, he tells Maddy that he no longer wishes to suppress the nature of the Hulk. Rather, he has set a goal to maintain the intellect of Cho through the nature of the Hulk.

Maddy seems doubtful of this plan, but she remains supportive. The issue then segues into a sequence where Hulk helps Spider-Man (Miles Morales) with a rescue mission. Thanks to the intellect of Cho and brawn of the Hulk, Hulk manages to save the day. He then proceeds to take on the villainous Phalkan. Interestingly though, this face off ends in a much less hopeful manner as it appears Cho has lost complete control of the Hulk.

A Second Look at She-Hulk: The Female Role Model We Never Knew We Had

Ultimately, INCREDIBLE HULK #714 presents a work with potential. There is plenty of engaging tension going on within the mind of Amadeus Cho at this moment: there’s a literal struggle that is pulling him away from his humanity. However, this issue only scrapes the surface of that struggle. Though the subplot with Phalkan ends on a strong note, it generally feels one-dimensional and drawn out.

Despite this though, based on the way INCREDIBLE HULK #714 ends, it seems as though upcoming issues will, hopefully, be abundant with intensity and a fast-paced narrative. However, we can only wait and see if that’ll be the case. As of now, the narrative falls short in its capacity to develop itself and its characters strongly.

incredible hulk #714
INCREDIBLE HULK #714. Page 3. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Many Hues of INCREDIBLE HULK #714

The artwork of INCREDIBLE HULK #714 is a rather disappointing aspect of the issue. The backgrounds are quite simplistic. As a result, they lack the detail that would elevate the imagery into a poignant aspect of the overall story. Additionally, the color palette of the issue is also simplistic.

The work lacks variety in its tones. Sure, the issue is generally light in its color palette. However, this doesn’t make it any more engaging as it simply comes across as rather monochromatic, particularly in the Hulk and Phalkan fight sequence.

The Hulk: A Retrospective Speculation Of Bruce Banner

Despite these shortcomings, I enjoy penciller Carlo Barberi and inker Walden Wong’s work on the depiction of the Hulk. It is consistent and wonderfully detailed. Also, Frank D’Armata’s coloring of the Hulk is pretty well-balanced. His work on our titular character evokes an energy the rest of the issue lacks in its tone.

Hopefully upcoming issues project the detail of the Hulk’s imagery onto the rest of INCREDIBLE HULK’s world. If not, future installments may suffer the unfortunate drab energy like this issue.

What Lies Beyond

Despite flaws in its narrative and artwork, INCREDIBLE HULK #714 has plenty of room for improvement. Pak has laid a foundation for Hulk’s internal conflict that can certainly be built upon. However, the one-dimensionality of the plot in this issue ultimately takes away from the Hulk’s characterization in this story arc. It is uneven and, in a way, trivializes the more serious aspects of the narrative.

The main question that persists in regard to this story arc primarily revolves around Cho’s unstable humanity. Will he succumb to the beast of the Hulk, or will he revert to his identity as Amadeus Cho?

Unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait until April 18th to get the answer we seek.

INCREDIBLE HULK #714 by Greg Pak, Carlo Barberi, Walden Wong, Frank D'Armata, & Cory Petit
Though INCREDIBLE HULK #714 has its moments of intrigue, it ultimately falls short through its lackluster narrative.
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