THE IMMORTAL HULK #7 is one of the most memorable issues of the year. It’s pure fun from start to finish. Al Ewing writes one of the most exciting Hulk issues in a while. Joe Bennett draws one of the greatest looking issues of the series.
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Rage-Fueled Mayhem

THE IMMORTAL HULK #7 proves just how cruel, sadistic, and powerful the new Hulk is. Now dubbed the “Devil Hulk,” he takes on the Avengers, slinging cutting remarks along with punches at his former friends. Al Ewing writes one of the most exciting issues of this hot new series. This issue is an absolute blast to read, despite its dark, depressing subject matter. Joe Bennett returns with one of his best looking issues to date. The Hulk looks completely consumed by emotion and raw rage in almost every page of the book. It looks so beautiful. Overall, this series hits an all-time high with THE IMMORTAL HULK #7!

A Brutal Battle in THE IMMORTAL HULK #7

In the last issue, Bruce Banner came face to face with the Avengers. They sought to bring him in for all the destruction he’s caused throughout the series. Of course, as a response, Banner got angry, and you know what happens next. In THE IMMORTAL HULK #7, the Avengers do not like Banner when he’s angry. Hulk nearly effortlessly throws around and batters each Avenger, starting with Ghost Rider. After knocking the Rider and his car away, he hits Thor so hard he causes a concussion. That’s quite the feat when battling an Asgardian god! He mocks Thor’s strained relationship with Odin, then faces Captain America. He catches Cap off-guard by bringing up Hydra Cap. To top it all off, he overloads T’Challa’s Vibranium armor. That’s definitely not something Hulk was able to do in the past.

THE IMMORTAL HULK #7 page 6. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The team decides to let She-Hulk join the fray, but even she can’t stop her cousin. Iron Man decides that it’s time to bring out a secret weapon called the Helios Laser. What does that entail? Read THE IMMORTAL HULK #7 to find out!

The Devil Hulk in THE IMMORTAL HULK #7

Not long after he’s attacked, Thor refers to Hulk as a manmade devil. The Hulk likes the sound of that and dubs himself the “Devil Hulk.” That’s quite an apt name for this new personality. He’s much crueler than previous incarnations. The Savage Hulk was just a mindless beast who wanted to be left alone. Grey Hulk was a tough guy with a heart of gold. Even Doc Green had a charming personality despite his more sinister plans. However, the Devil Hulk is a being of pure anger. It comes out not just through rage, but also through petty putdowns and sneeringly smug comments. Ewing makes this change abundantly clear in THE IMMORTAL HULK #7.

Hulk fights many of his former friends. He was “science bros” with Tony not too long ago, but now the Hulk nearly kills Tony, and probably would have if Tony didn’t retreat. He uses psychological manipulation to bring down his former friends, using Secret Empire to shake the normally unshakable Steve Rogers. It proves just how cruel this Hulk has become. He’s not fighting for justice or personal peace. No, he’s just fighting because he gets a thrill from causing pain. He’s cruel and sadistic, and that’s why I enjoy this series so much. It’s dark, but sometimes it’s fun to read about unabashedly mean characters. It helps when they’re written so deftly as Ewing does with this series. Plus, he seems to understand full well that this Hulk is a bad person. He’s not advocating for the Hulk to be cruel, he’s showing the horrific results of his behavior.

That’s what makes this series so memorable and well-written.


Ewing isn’t the only person who brings out the untamed anger in the Hulk. Joe Bennett also delivers that message through his art. In this issue especially, the Hulk looks completely consumed by this white-hot rage. He doesn’t look like the unfeeling monster from a few of the prior issues. No, now he looks like a wild animal devouring his prey. In multiple pages, Hulk looks like his new namesake. He looks like a devil or at least a demon. His mouth is constantly agape from sheer anger. The only time when it’s not open is when he makes some smug comment. When he isn’t looking smug, he’s looking mindless.

THE IMMORTAL HULK #7 page 8. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

One panel in particular highlights the scary levels of fury the Hulk exhibits. In this panel, the Hulk looks at Iron Man’s repulsor blast with bloodshot eyes. His pupils are contracted from the anger. He’s drooling wildly as his mouth is locked in what must be a primal scream. It looks like the stuff of nightmares. Bennett truly outdoes himself this issue.

Final Thoughts: THE IMMORTAL HULK #7

THE IMMORTAL HULK #7 is a wild ride of action and drama. Ewing writes possibly the best issue of this series yet. Bennett draws like he’s never drawn before, and it’s a treat for all readers to see.

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