The Hulk managed to defeat Sasquatch in the last issue. Yet, it looks like whatever caused Sasquatch problems is now causing problems for the Hulk and possibly Bruce too! What does the Hulk’s message to Bruce mean? Check out THE IMMORTAL HULK #6 preview below to decide for yourself!

[one_half]immortal hulk #6


Published: September 19, 2018

Written by: Al Ewing

Art by: Lee Garbett, Paul Mounts

Cover by: Alex Ross

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Bruce Banner is alive — and everyone knows it. Now he’s hunted by the government, Alpha Flight, the mysterious Shadow Base…and the Avengers. And someone’s going to find him first. But Bruce has bigger problems. Something terrible has infected him. Something with unspeakable plans for humanity. And the only one who knows about it…is the IMMORTAL HULK.

THE IMMORTAL HULK #6 Preview Images Gallery

immortal hulk #6
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immortal hulk #6 immortal hulk #6 immortal hulk #6 immortal hulk #6 immortal hulk #6

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