THE IMMORTAL HULK #4 is another superb addition to a phenomenal new series. Al Ewing shifts the focus to an oft-overlooked character to great effect. Joe Bennett draws this character just about perfectly. You won’t want to miss this one!
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In THE IMMORTAL HULK #4, reporter Jacqueline McGee, who we’ve been following since issue 1, enlists the help of Walter Langowski, AKA Alpha Flight’s Sasquatch, to find the Hulk. In this issue, we start learning more about the overarching plot of the series, or at least this story arc. We start to learn why McGee is so intent on finding Bruce Banner. Al Ewing shifts the focus to McGee and Langowski this issue, making it into more of a mystery than a horror book for much of the issue. As always, Ewing’s phenomenal script and plotting make this issue another winner. I’m happy to see Sasquatch back in the spotlight again. Artist Joe Bennett makes Walter look just as goofy and affable as his demeanor. All in all, a fantastic issue.

An Incredibly Unique Story in THE IMMORTAL HULK #3

The Hunt for Bruce Banner in THE IMMORTAL HULK #4

In the last few issues, the recently resurrected Bruce Banner, as well as his green alter ego, has been on a country-wide hunt for gamma-powered individuals. Reporter Jacqueline McGee devoted herself to following each of these incidents since the first issue. She needs to find out what Banner’s up to. In THE IMMORTAL HULK #4, she contacts Walter Langowski to find out more about Banner. Langowski, now the Canadian hero Sasquatch from Alpha Flight, was once Banner’s college roommate. He tells McGee about how Banner was a real idiosyncratic fellow. He used to scream at Langowski for encroaching on his territory as a gamma scientist at one moment, then donate his clothes to charity so he could always wear the same clothes every day the next. (It also explains why Banner used to always wear his signature purple pants).

THE IMMORTAL HULK #4 page 10. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Langowski saw Banner on TV years later when he was outed as the Hulk, which inspired Langowski to become a bigger, smarter and better Hulk to protect Canada. He exposed himself to gamma radiation and became the Sasquatch. Now, Langowski and McGee come across the latest devastation the Hulk made, this time in Minnesota. They go to a local bar to find out any new information on Banner, which is where two local guys get into a fight. Langowski tries to stop it, and then one of them stabs him in the back. What happens next? Pick up THE IMMORTAL HULK #4 to find out!

Sasquatch Gets the Spotlight in THE IMMORTAL HULK #4

For a few years, Sasquatch has been relegated to a minor supporting character, mainly showing up in CAPTAIN MARVEL since Alpha Flight went to space. He served as not much more than Puck’s comedic foil most of the time. He never really even used his scientific expertise in any significant way. Finally, Ewing gives Sasquatch almost a whole issue for himself. Sasquatch is a fascinating character. He has close ties to Bruce Banner and became a hero to counter the Hulk’s aggressiveness. Granted, much of his demeanor and even his looks come across as very similar to another furry genius, the Beast. However, when Langowski’s been used well, he becomes a complex character. This comes across very well in THE IMMORTAL HULK #4.

Ewing seems to use this issue to get into Langowski’s psyche. We start to see Langowski’s laid back, almost stoner-inspired personality peel back a bit as he talks about the Sasquatch. When he first did the gamma experiment, he opened up a wormhole to an evil dimension and was possessed by an ancient demonic entity. He tries to comfort McGee by saying it’s long gone, but Ewing adds in some subtle hints in Langowski’s dialogue to suggest otherwise. The idea that he feels the need to clarify to McGee that he isn’t possessed anymore seems suspect. Beyond that, I’m just happy to see Sasquatch acting like Sasquatch again. As I said above, Ewing makes him act like a goofy, affable, laid back guy. That was Sasquatch’s personality for a while when he still had one beyond “Captain Marvel’s backup muscle.”

Bennett Draws Sasquatch in THE IMMORTAL HULK #4

The way Bennett draws Langowski in THE IMMORTAL HULK #4 is pretty much perfection. You can already discern what type of guy he is just from looking at the first panel he’s in. Bennett finds a way to make Langowski look as laid back and agreeable as his demeanor and dialogue. That first panel he’s in perfectly encapsulates it. He’s a big, somewhat goofy looking gangly guy in a casual posture as if he’s meeting a longtime friend and not some reporter he just met. His body language alone shows his laid-back nature. On top of that, I have to mention his big ol’ goofy grin. It almost looks forced, too, which foreshadows Langowski’s unsettling focus on how he was once possessed by a demon. Is this all an act? We’ll find out soon.

THE IMMORTAL HULK #4 page 3. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Final Thoughts: THE IMMORTAL HULK #4

HULK Essentials: Reading For A Smashing Time!

THE IMMORTAL HULK #4 continues a fantastic new run. It finally starts ramping up the plot a bit, giving us clues as to what the overarching plot will entail as the series goes on. I have to say, I like where it’s going. It feels much different than a normal Hulk book, especially with the focus being on ancillary characters rather than Banner himself. Ewing makes this a memorable issue by focusing on an oft-overlooked character with ties to Banner’s past. I fully recommend this issue!

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