immortal hulk #10

Can anyone take down the Hulk? That’s the eternal question, isn’t it? This IMMORTAL HULK #10 preview might give us an answer to that question. Check it out below to see who is fighting the Hulk this time!

[one_half]immortal hulk #10


Published: December 5, 2018

Written by: Al Ewing

Art by: Joe Bennett, Ruy Jose, Paul Mounts

Cover by: Alex Ross

Enjoying this Hulk horror series? Then you definitely will want to get this week’s issue!

Missed what happened in the last issue? Check out our review here!


Gamma Flight was too late. Shadow Base is infiltrated. Crusher Creel is damned. And the One Below All walks upon Earth. Now, in the place he was born, the Immortal Hulk is the last thing standing between the world of the living…and the GREEN DOOR.

IMMORTAL HULK #10 Preview Image Gallery

immortal hulk #10 immortal hulk #10 immortal hulk #10 immortal hulk #10 immortal hulk #10

immortal hulk #10
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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