At Flame Con 2017, ComicsVerse scored this Sina Grace interview about Marvel’s ICEMAN! With its fifth issue hitting shelves this week, Grace has only just begun telling Bobby Drake’s story in this new chapter of the X-Man’s life. What does Sina Grace have in store for this iteration of Bobby Drake? What are the differences between the two versions of Iceman? How does Grace approach crafting personal moments for the older Iceman? This Sina Grace interview reveals all.

The Sina Grace Interview: ICEMAN, Two Different Experiences for the Same Character

ALL-NEW X-MEN #40 revealed that Bobby Drake is gay after the young Jean Grey outed his time-displaced version. Following this, Bobby confronted his adult self for the first time in UNCANNY X-MEN #600. What’s fascinating about this new character development is that different X-MEN series are portraying two completely different experiences for the same person. The younger, time-displaced Bobby Drake is having his own teenage experience; first in ALL NEW X-MEN, and now in X-MEN BLUE. So where does that leave the older Bobby Drake?

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Thus far, ICEMAN primarily features the older Bobby Drake and his experience coming to terms with his identity. Sina Grace takes this version of Iceman through confronting ex-girlfriends and his parents — with the latter vehemently ridiculing Bobby’s mutant status. Grace expertly utilizes the mutant metaphor to create visceral and powerful moments between Bobby and his parents, as Bobby struggles to get them to listen. It’s in these moments where we see the differences between the time-displaced Bobby and the Iceman of the present. What can these two iterations of Bobby Drake learn from each other? And will Sina Grace be exploring both sides? Our Sina Grace interview sheds light on this and more, as we learn where Grace will be taking Bobby in his series.

For more on Sina Grace, check out his website where you can learn about his creations outside of Marvel. You can also keep up with Sina Grace on Twitter. Don’t miss ICEMAN #5, out September 6th!

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