Though the X-MEN BLUE series comprises an emphasis on team chemistry and vivid battle sequences, Sina Grace’s Iceman solo series takes a step back from those aspects. In ICEMAN #2 especially, we get a look into Bobby Drake’s personal challenges, particularly those involving his family’s unawareness of his sexuality. Overall, the series thus far has suffered from a lack of an engaging villain and a strong story arc, but the focus on Bobby’s growth into discovering himself has been satisfying.

iceman #2
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What’s the Scoop?

ICEMAN #2 opens with Bobby ditching a class he’s teaching to embark on an X-Men assignment. To his surprise, his partner on the mission is none other than ex-girlfriend, Kitty Pryde. Though the two engage in some banter, there is clearly an elephant in the room neither character wants to address. Soon enough, the action begins. Their jet gets shot down near a warehouse where they meet Zachary, a young mutant.

Now, this kid is someone you don’t want on the opposing side. It seems as though he possesses the ability to manipulate another mutant’s powers. Though he is out of control, Kitty and Bobby make an effort to reassure the young mutant, as this is not the first time they have met someone who doesn’t know how to control their powers.

When the three mutants manage to outmaneuver their opponents, Kitty confronts Bobby, telling him she discovered his coming out through someone else. She expresses sympathy, and, mostly, concern. Kitty wishes Bobby had told her the truth himself so that she could have supported him. Although the two have a history, she continues to care for him and is fearful of him potentially isolating himself. After this reconciliation, the duo fights off the remaining enemies together and escape with their new mutant friend. The issue concludes with Bobby calling his parents, at the suggestion of Kitty, so that he can tell them his truth and continue to exemplify his personal freedom.

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Another Day, Another Mutant

I enjoyed the way Sina Grace’s ICEMAN #2 addressed the veteran experience Kitty Pryde and Iceman have earned over the years as X-Men. They do not express fear or impose intimidation when they meet Zachary. Rather, they present themselves from a position of understanding. They ultimately do not wish to suppress Zachary’s powers. They want to translate them into something positive and beneficial for the world. So, I hope that future issues partner Bobby and Kitty up again since their banter is entertaining as well as their dynamic in confrontative situations.

Of course, the most prominent moments in the issue were the personal interactions between Bobby and Kitty. Her openness and willingness to be a close confidant to Bobby establish their relationship as one to admire. I do hope that it continues to be a focal point in future issues. The X-Men have always succeeded through an internal understanding of each other. So, I am happy to see the bonds that tie these characters together continue to be fortified in new interpretations.

iceman #2
Image Ccourtesy of Marvel Entertainment

However, though the issue succeeds in certain areas, it is, unfortunately, a forgettable one. Though Zachary has some unique abilities, he is introduced as an aggravating character. Whether he will mature over time is to be seen, but I will not hold my breath. Also, the confrontation between the mutants and bat-wielding opponents was a little underwhelming.

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ICEMAN #2 and Art

Firstly, I love Kitty Pryde’s haircut as well as the interpretation of her suit. Despite this, another reason I found the issue to be mundane was because I felt as though the art was a tad too dull. Though the X-MEN BLUE series depicts a younger team, I have enjoyed the vibrancy of those issues. However, the ICEMAN solo series focuses on an older, more mature Bobby Drake, but he has an engaging, charismatic personality. I personally wish that personality shines through the artwork in future issues. Overall, the art in this issue is cohesive, and I particularly enjoy the cover art by Kevin Wada that is present at the top of this page.

In Retrospect…

ICEMAN #2 has its flaws, but it is worth reading to see the touching relationship between Kitty Pryde and Bobby Drake redevelop. I hope to see closure with Bobby and his family in future issues in the hope that his family is accepting. Ultimately, I hope to see an established story arc develop in coming issues, or the series will suffer the same missteps as this particular entry.

Iceman #2 by Sina Grace and Alessandro Vitti
Though the dynamic between Bobby and Kitty Pryde was a highlight along with Bobby's character development, the supporting plot lines were too dull to strengthen the issue.
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