Despite the cancellation of writer Sina Grace’s run on ICEMAN earlier this year, the adventures of Bobby Drake have returned! Once again, Grace is at the helm to bring brand new stories to the Iceman mythos. This time though, the stakes are higher as familiar villains prepare to take Bobby down in ICEMAN #1!

The latest from Sina Grace is a solid debut as he fleshes Bobby Drake’s character out with exceptional ease.

Thus, Iceman fans and newcomers alike can embark on a fresh, engaging adventure that will take us on exciting, new quests.

iceman #1
ICEMAN #1 page 2. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Revenge of the Morlocks

ICEMAN #1 begins with an introspective Bobby Drake. He’s walking around the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, wondering why he has yet to meet a decent, datable guy. Bobby knows he’s got a lot of great qualities, but he does have trouble when it comes to flirting.

But before he can delve too deeply into his thoughts, he becomes preoccupied with some heroic duties. After saving a woman from harm, Bobby discovers a flyer imploring for the recovery of a missing Morlock. Bobby expresses his concerns to Kitty Pryde about the flyer and affirms his intent to investigate the disappearance. As a result of his initiative, Kitty promises Bobby a team of X-Men to assist in the investigation, including Storm and Nightcrawler.

Unfortunately for Bobby, most of Kitty’s promised X-Men get summoned to another mission, leaving only Bishop to help Bobby. Accepting his short line-up, Bobby leads Bishop to the sewers, where the Morlocks are known to dwell, to get to the bottom of the mysterious disappearances. There, they encounter an evil group of mutants attacking a multitude of Morlocks. The group claims that their mission is to cleanse and reestablish Homo Superior, but Iceman is having none of that.

Alongside the Morlocks, he and Bishop, or “Iceshop,” manage to push the evil mutants out of the sewers and save the Morlocks. Following this, Iceman vows to be a constant ally should they ever need help again.

Meanwhile, the defeated mutants return to their leader, who is revealed to be none other than Mister Sinister.

iceman #1
ICEMAN #1 page 3. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Back With a Bite

ICEMAN #1 is already a vast improvement upon its preceding series. This time, Grace characterizes Iceman with more ease. He comes across as a multi-faceted character, unafraid to crack a joke and exemplify his true thoughts. As a result, Grace presents Bobby as a truly genuine character. We see him come into his own in this introductory issue alone, taking initiative and ultimately being a leader.

With this, Grace also establishes the start of an engaging narrative. The reveal of Mister Sinister is a nice surprise, one that already bolsters the peril Iceman is about to find himself facing.

So, overall, ICEMAN #1 is a fantastic beginning to Bobby Drake’s latest solo outing. Bobby carries his first issue effortlessly, establishing himself as a worthy and captivating lead.

iceman #1
ICEMAN #1 page 22. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Many Hues of ICEMAN #1

Unfortunately, the weakest point of ICEMAN #1 lies in its artwork. The lines tend to blur together, contributing to images that appear disjointed. As a result, many of the characters and settings appear too cartoonish for my taste. Thus, the imagery of this particular issue often takes away from the tone of the narrative.

Of course, Bobby Drake is a light-hearted, witty character. However, the tale at hand is one that maintains serious tones. So, I would have preferred for the art to reflect that more.

Additionally, I wish the action sequences of ICEMAN #1 were more dynamic. The panels tend to focus in on one or two characters engaging in the action at a time. So, I believe it would have been more exciting to see those action sequences presented on a grander scale. Witnessing Iceman and Bishop fight alongside the Morlocks is undoubtedly a pivotal moment in this issue.

Thus, I hope future issues build on that fault and exemplify the gravity of fights such as this one.

What Lies Beyond

ICEMAN #1 is a resolute start to a new run.

Thanks to some palpable character development and an intriguing plot, the issue succeeds in gripping a reader’s attention. The stage has been set for some intriguing new story arcs, ones that will feature some familiar, sinister villains.

Hopefully, Bobby Drake is ready for these impending challenges, ones that he may not even see coming.

ICEMAN #1 by Sina Grace, Nathan Stockman, Federico Blue, & Joe Sabino
ICEMAN #1 is a dynamic, immersive start to a run that has been granted the opportunity to breathe life into Bobby Drake once more.
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