HUNTER X HUNTER may be on hiatus, but that isn’t stopping the series from creating new collectibles. From its 1998 manga debut, HUNTER X HUNTER has had dozens of volumes, two anime series, and several video games. These have consistently released as recently as 2 years ago. Following the trend of pulling content from the show into the real world, Bandai Namco has released a trailer for the 2018 release of 140 collectible cards from the series’ Greed Island arc. These cards come as a set with unique artwork from the anime and manga. This announcement comes from Jump Festa 2018, where fans had the chance to check out every card at the Jump Shop booth.

For those yet to check out HUNTER X HUNTER, the story follows Gon Freecss as he searches for his father and travels with friends. While Gon was initially certain his father was dead, he learns that he had actually been roaming the world as a Hunter. Hunters are essentially the top tier of every industry in HUNTER X HUNTER. Thousands apply to gain their Hunter licenses, but almost every single one fails the rigorous tests required of them. These include running for tens of miles without rest, tracking others through harsh terrain, and surviving in the wildness with zero aid.  Hunters, once they’ve earned a provisional license, learn unique martial arts and develop superhuman abilities. Finally, they decide on a specialty, like culinary arts or exploration, and go off on journeys.

This particular HUNTER X HUNTER  arc involved a special video game, Greed Island, within the anime. Hunters capable of using special powers called ‘nen’ were physically transported into the game, which was created by Gon’s father. On Greed Island, they must either find a special card that lets them escape the game, find all of the normal cards, or die. In classic anime style, if they die in the game, they die in real life too. What made Greed Island different from normal HUNTER X HUNTER arcs were the game’s playing cards. Any item in Greed Island converts into a unique card for easy storage. Players can use them for something as simple as maps or as complex as manually changing someone’s emotions.

The HUNTER X HUNTER Greed Island cards as they appear in the anime.
The Greed Island cards as they appear in the anime. | Image: Twitter

Many of the cards appeared only briefly during the anime, so having all 140 will be especially valuable for HUNTER X HUNTER fans. Plenty of the rarer cards will even include foil and special designs.

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The Incredible Teaser

Check out the official teaser from Bandai below. The video shows off the collectible cards, book, and box:

For those of you who don’t speak Japanese, don’t sweat it. The set contains the 100 Restricted Slot Cards from the anime and 40 Spell Cards. The set includes a binder to store the cards and a promotional poster. Additionally, the storage box is shaped like the Joystation console used in HUNTER X HUNTER. The entire set is listed for 8,800 Yen on Bandai’s website, which equals roughly $78. The set ships internationally, so the show’s Western audience can snag this incredible set as well.

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You can order this collectible set through February and expect shipment to start around April. As someone who spends questionable amounts of money on anime collectibles, I can tell you this is a hell of a deal. With the HUNTER X HUNTER manga hiatus to end in January of 2018, this is a great way to jump-start the year and support an incredible series.

Featured image from Bandai.

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