Wolverine died, but his body isn’t in his grave. With reason to believe that Logan may be alive, Sabretooth, Deathstrike, and Daken begin a journey to find and kill him. Written by Mariko Tamaki and illustrated by Butch Guice and Dan Brown, the journey in HUNT FOR WOLVERINE THE CLAWS OF A KILLER #1 will take this crew somewhere they never expected.

Hitting the Road

It seems like a normal night at a dingy little bar in the middle of nowhere. We see a bunch of middle aged men agonizing over a game on the TV. A bartender complains about their tips. Around then, the power goes out. When two of the guys from the bar go to the power station to check things out, things get bad. An angry and bloodthirsty Wolverine awaits them.

The focus then switches to Sabretooth and Deathstrike paying Daken a visit. The two try to convince Daken to join them in finding the possibly alive Wolverine. They eventually agree to find and kill Wolverine, based on their mutual hatred for him. However, when they track Wolverine’s adamantium signature, Daken discovers some sort of military operation and a strange danger, and Wolverine is nowhere to be found.


Writing Out a Plan for Vengeance

Mariko Tamaki presents readers with a gripping story in HUNT FOR WOLVERINE THE CLAWS OF A KILLER #1. The action is distributed well, offering plenty of cliffhangers that leave us wanting more. When the men from the bar encounter Wolverine, we don’t yet learn why Wolverine attacks them; we only see a strange, military-like call sign. This tells us that something greater than blind brutality is happening. With this, Tamaki begins the story with just a taste of the action and expertly leaves us with the desire to learn the reasons behind Wolverine’s actions.

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Tamaki writes a great plot; however, it’s not an easy task to present great characterization for well-known characters. While the plot in HUNT FOR WOLVERINE THE CLAWS OF A KILLER #1 is engaging, it’s not very character-driven. Tamaki offers plenty of action, but it’s at the cost of learning more about our characters. It’s clear that they all want Wolverine dead. However, they seem unsurprised and somewhat uncaring that he may be alive. The only character that isn’t stoic about the situation is Daken. Even he quickly lets go of his sarcasm for a more dispassionate demeanor. To be fair, bringing something new to such well known characters is undoubtedly difficult. However, I do have high hopes for future issues.

Sketches and Shadows

Butch Guice’s art in HUNT FOR WOLVERINE THE CLAWS OF A KILLER #1  has a sketchy quality to it that works for the comic. The state of events in the issue are very uncertain, as we see reflected in the sketchiness of the line art. Wolverine is apparently back from the dead, and something’s going on with military-like operations. Not much is clear yet, and the fact that the lines aren’t completely neat and clear reflects this state of events.

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Dan Brown‘s coloring helps to create the serious and dark tone of the comic. To convey this air of darkness, Brown uses a lot of shadowing in the figures and in the background, allowing the tone of the comic to come through. When Deathstrike and Sabertooth approach Daken about Wolverine’s missing body, every wrinkle in clothing and contour of the face has extensive shading. This conveys that something very dangerous and serious is happening.

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HUNT FOR WOLVERINE THE CLAWS OF A KILLER #1 has a gripping plot with appropriately moody artwork. The only place the comic needs work is in the characterization. I did enjoy this issue greatly, as it set up for a lot of interesting things to come. I can’t wait to see if that’s actually Wolverine back from the dead and see what that military operation is about. Overall, Tamaki, Guice, and Brown have me excited to see what comes next.

HUNT FOR WOLVERINE THE CLAWS OF A KILLER #1 by Mariko Tamaki, Butch Guice, and Dan Brown
HUNT FOR WOLVERINE THE CLAWS OF A KILLER #1 has an action packed and gripping story from Mariko Takami, and the art and coloring by Butch Guice and Dan Brown help convey the tone. Though the characterization falls a little flat, it's overall a great start to a story arc.
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