Flame Con is a truly special convention. Having creators like Hugh Tims is proof of that. Flame Con celebrates queer tastes in comics, games, books, art, and entertainment. ComicsVerse had the honor of attending this event for the second year in a row and we were continued to be amazed by the support and growth of the convention. We must say the talent is undeniable.

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Comic book creator Hugh Tims was somebody who stood out to us due to his website bettercomix.com that publishes books that are socially accepting and environmentally aware. When we got the privilege of picking his brain, we weren’t disappointed.  His current books on his site are THE MEDIEVALS, TWO-SPIRIT DEAL, and LIGHTNING DUCK.  Being that he is a self-starter, we were able to discuss a plethora of topics with him. We discovered the inspiration behind LIGHTNING DUCK and how shows like DUCK TALES and CAPTAIN PLANET helped mold his creations. Especially CAPTAIN PLANET, as it provided a template on how to engage kids without an overbearing message.

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Hugh Tims also discusses his art school experience and why looking for constructive criticism is crucial to making a good comic. He gives tons of tips on the process of making comics and how he deals with balancing the work with life. Interestingly enough, we even learn why the “Big Two” wasn’t the path for him, even though he’s more than capable!

Please visit Hugh Tims’ work at bettercomix.com. His work delivers original characters crafted with passion and acceptance of all love. Our interview doesn’t just touch on his books, but his creative process, which has fantastic tips for anyone looking to create! He’s an inspiration to the queer community and anybody striving to make it with their own webcomics. Don’t miss out on this interview.

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