HoX #6 marks the final issue of HOUSE OF X in our HoX-PoX saga. Sad, yes, but the mutants seem to be having a good time! Well, except Sabretooth, but we’ll get to that. HoX #6 gives us the conclusion to what HOUSE OF X has been building up to throughout its run. We finally see Krakoa as an established nation. A nation with a government, laws, and punishments. Unlike last week’s issue, this installment is focused domestically instead of on international relations.

HoX #6 focuses solely on the rise of the Krakoan government within their newly established country. Some aspects of their government are good while other may give some pause. Good or bad, based on the ending of HoX, it appears Krakoa and its established government are here to stay. After all, while HoX has come to an end, the new age of the X-Men has only just begun.

Now let’s take a look at what happened in HoX #6!

The Quiet Council of Krakoa in HoX #6

HoX #6
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Before we get into what decisions were made during their first council meeting, let’s take a look at the members of the Krakoan council. Those members include: Xavier, Magneto, Apocalypse, Mister Sinister, Exodus, Mystique, Shaw, Emma Frost, Red King (unknown), Storm, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Cypher, and Krakoa itself. Their first order of business is to discuss how to punish Sabretooth.

As you may recall, back in HoX #1, Sabretooth is captured by the Fantastic Four. He, along with Mystique and Toad, were caught after breaking into Damage Control. His two compatriots did not kill anyone, while Sabretooth needlessly killed several. After Emma Frost extradited him from the humans, he was imprisoned on Krakoa. Without laws or a system of punishment, that was all they could do with him at that moment.

In the end, the council came up with three principles in this meeting. The three laws of Krakoa are murder no human, respect the sacred land, and make more mutants. Unfortunately for Sabretooth, he murdered many humans during the Damage Control heist. His actions were a direct violation of Magneto’s instructions even before these laws were set.

Capital punishment made no sense as a consequence — the system of resurrection sees to that. Instead, the council selects something a bit different.

The Fate of Sabretooth

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Sabretooth’s punishment is a cruel one. Sabretooth is cast down beneath Krakoa, where he will be held in stasis for the rest of his days. He will be aware of his state, yet unable to do anything about it. In a way, Sabretooth suffers a fate worse than death, and it is presumed that any mutant who breaks the laws of Krakoa will share that same fate. After that, the entire island celebrates their victory by throwing a nationwide party! All the mutants are laughing, dancing, and just having a great time.

Meanwhile, Sabretooth rots under their feet, paying for crimes he committed before the nation of Krakoa was even born. Crimes which the likes of Mr. Sinister, Apocalypse, and even Magneto have all committed in their past. However, only Sabretooth faces the consequences. Krakoa needed to make an example out of a mutant who breaks their laws, and Sabretooth just did the wrong things at the wrong time. And in the end, it was Professor Xavier who cursed him to such a cruel fate.

The Final Look at Charles Xavier in HoX #6

HoX #6
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The last issue of HoX gives us a look of what Xavier has become. Think back to old school Xavier, Moira’s 4th life Xavier, if you will. The most recognizable Xavier to fans both casual and serious. He believed redemption could be possible for all. He believed in a peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants and worked for it everyday. That is not the Xavier of HoX #6.

While I understand what pushed Xavier to become this man it still saddens me. Charles had hope, and gave that hope to everyone he came across. To see the mutant most closely associated with “peaceful co-existence” make choices cynical, deceptive, and downright immoral feels like a loss.

HoX Xavier is like Frank Underwood from HOUSE OF CARDS. He leverages pharmaceuticals for votes that will work in his favor and punishes those who stand against him and his cause. The original Xavier would not have done that to Sabretooth, while working with worse criminals than he, and then speak of peace and happiness moments later.

The worst part? After everything this anti-hero has done throughout HoX, there are no consequences. While some may be on the horizon, Xavier is untouchable as things stand now. The immortal ruler of a nation if immortals. He may have achieved the dream of mutant salvation, but did so while abandoning the dream of a truly peaceful world. If the leader of the X-Men is any kind of indicator for the DAWN OF X, then we, my friends, are about to enter one of the darkest eras of the X-Men mythos. And I can’t wait!

What Could We See in PoX #6?

HoX #6
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As we already know, HoX #6 marks not just an end, but a beginning. I won’t even begin to speculate what we may have in store in the DAWN OF X books. What I will do, though, is throw out some ideas about what we might see in the last issue of POWERS OF X!

The main thing about this X-Saga that has bugged me is X3: X-Men Year One Thousand. What’s the deal with that? At first, I assumed it directly tied in with the aftermath of X2. The post-apocalyptic future of X2 lined up nicely with what we saw in X3. However, X2 was a part of Moira’s 9th life. Therefore, X3 only connects to X0 and X1. I believe Cerebro is the element that connects them.

I believe the creatures that rule Earth and who are making deals with the Phalanx aren’t as unknown as we may think. The Librarian, especially, seems familiar. Personally, with almost nothing to back it up, I believe the Librarian is Professor X. He could have used Cerebro to transfer his consciousness into a completely manufactured body after staying alive that way for a thousand years. And now in X3, he is a part of ‘saving the world’ with the Phalanx just as he saved the mutants with Krakoa. And because of the events that happened one thousand years prior, that is why the world is the way it is in X3.

While there is not a lot of evidence to support this theory, and overall it doesn’t add much to the story, I think that is what is happening. Xavier is the Librarian, and his actions in the past have shaped the future we have seen in X3. Kind of out there, but hey, could be true!

Final Thoughts on HoX #6

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Overall the final issue of HoX was very satisfying. Everything mutants have realized all they’ve been striving for. They established a legitimate nation and have set up their own government to run it successfully. Like Professor X said, it’s not perfect, but it’s a good start. They have some growing to do, but other than the (in my opinion) cruel punishment system for mutants who break their laws, they are off to a good start. However, the foundation on which their new nation has been built is riddled with questionable ethics. The heroes and villains are working together, Krakoa has an established black market on an international level, and they condemn criminals to eternal stasis. For these reasons, the ending of HoX didn’t quite feel like an ending at all. But again, as we all know, it’s not an ending, but a new beginning.

A new beginning for the X-Men, mutants, and honestly the entire Marvel Universe. Plus, we still have PoX #6 to look forward to! And that comic will truly show us what DAWN OF X has in store for us. Until then we can only speculate and be patient. Will PoX #6 give us the answers to all of our questions? Or will the final issue only set up what we will get in DAWN OF X? No matter what PoX #6 has in store for us, I cannot wait to see how this amazing X-Saga ends!

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