This week’s POWERS OF X #5 proves an excellent companion to last week’s installment. In that, HOUSE OF X #5, we begin to get an idea of the full power of this new version of Cerebro. Xavier’s telepathic enhancement machine doesn’t only look for or into the minds of mutants across the globe. Cerebro copies the consciousnesses of targeted mutants, too. In HoX #5, we also see why. The system is used to bring dead mutants back from the grave. Through Cerebro, Xavier is able to impart not just the memories of a fallen mutant unto their new body but also something akin to their very souls. In this week’s issue, PoX #5, we learn the “how” of it as well.

Another setup from HoX #5 that we see followed up in this week’s issue concerns mutants’ international diplomacy. Readers get to see more of how the nations of the world feel about this new mutant state. Additionally, we learn that both Xavier and Magneto were not naively entering into this quest. They knew their would be nations that would be uncomfortable or outright in opposition and they created plans within plans to deal with it.

All that plus further developments in the far flung future of the Phalanx storyline await in PoX #5! Let us not waste another moment before diving in!

The Building of the New Cerebro in PoX #5

PoX #5
Courtesy of Marvel Comics

The issue opens in X0 with Xavier and Forge discussing certain technological advancements. Specifically, Charles is asking Forge to build him a super Cerebro. While the “how” of it gives Forge pause — items like an unlimited power supply or memory seem literally impossible — the technological shaman agrees. Forge begins to feel especially confident when Xavier reassures him that he can use Shi’ar technology in concert with Earth tech to deliver the new and improved Cerebro.

This immediately clarifies some of the lingering questions about Cerebro including how Xavier is seemingly able to wear the helmet constantly and the lack of the giant power source we have traditionally seen paired with the machine. Moreover, it was not solely due to Shi’ar tech. Yes, their logic diamonds solved the memory storage problem. However, it took items Forge unearthed on Krakoa to create the helmet’s virtually unlimited batter.

The Necessary Evil of the Hellfire Club

PoX #5
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The next section of PoX #5 is set in X1, not long before Krakoa became a nation-state. Magneto and Xavier approach Emma Frost to join them in their new mission. At this point in time, Frost is in charge of the Hellfire Corporation, an organization well connected to everything the world over. A very helpful tool to anyone looking to change the world.

During their conversation, it is revealed that Xavier bought multiple shell companies to facilitate the sale of Krakoan miracle drugs. His plan is to leverage the drugs to gain recognition for Krakoa. In the present of the book, we know this works. Here, though, we see its creation and how Frost is so integral to its success.

Charles cannot and will not trust just anyone to distribute his drugs. Frost, however, as a staunchly pro-mutant, if morally unreliable person, seems an excellent partner. In no time, Frost and Hellfire Corp. become the primary distributor of Xavier’s miracle drugs.

But Magneto and Professor X still have more for ask of her. The two ask Emma to bring Sebastian Shaw back into Hellfire despite her having just ousted him to take his place. They reason that they need his knowledge of the way the black market works to ensure the successful distribution of the miracle struggle and the successful smuggling of mutants out of less than cooperative nations. While displeased, Frost is a born negotiator, so she leverages their request to gain an extra seat on the Krakoan Council.

The extent of Shaw’s dealings and how they work remain largely unrevealed, currently. However, this reinforcing the theories that Xavier, et al have had to engage in some fairly unusual and possibly illegal activities to help realize their goals.

The Call to All Mutants in PoX #5

PoX #5
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In HoX #5, we saw the arrival of every X-Men villain on Krakoa, answering the invitation sent to them by Xavier. PoX #5 takes us back to the moment the invitation was extended.

Charles psychically invites every mutant of the world — be they hero,villain, a bit of both, or neither — to live on Krakoa. Amongst the numerous surprise guests we saw arrive in HoX #5, one mutant was noticeably absent: the so-called “original” Marvel Mutant, Namor the Submariner.

While Namor is a mutant, he is first and foremost an Atlantean. It is the nation of Atlantis with which he must be loyal, in his reckoning, not mutantkind. And he has largely done that already. As he notes to Xaiver, while he applauds the realization that mutants should live separate from, Namor himself already lives in a heavily guarded underwater kingdom. Xavier is just catching up, really, to what Namor has believed, and acted on, for years.

The Submariner then tells Professor X to go away, and to never come back, until he really means it. A challenge? Perhaps. A threat? Absolutely. How much weight could that threat hold I wonder? Perhaps… a threat of war?

Phalanx Continued in PoX #5

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While Krakoa grows in the X1 time period, the Phalanx story line continues one thousand years in the future. Our robot-humanoid friends have learned that the Phalanx will absorb Earth’s collective intelligence. This seems to be the goal of the future people — they did call out to the Phalanx in earlier issues, after all. However, it will come with a price.

Once the Phalanx absorbs Earth’s intelligence, it will feed on the planet. This will leave Earth a lifeless husk. Which… not great. But hey, when you go to an intergalactic hive mind with your problems, you kind of get what you pay for.

Even with these further details, I’m still not super sure where the time period of X3 fits in with the rest of the HoX-PoX storyline. However, their story seems to be coming to a violent end here soon, so all will be revealed shortly.

War Could be on the Horizon

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

In PoX #5 we saw the friction between Namor and Xavier, in effect spelling friction between Atlantis, and Krakoa. We also learn that Wakanda is particularly resistant to recognizing Krakoa as the new mutant nation-state. Give what is revealed about Xavier and Magneto implementing their own black market in countries that won’t recognize Krakoa, we also know Wakanda must be a target of this campaign. In HoX #1, we saw a little friction between Cyclops and the Fantastic Four, showing how mutants have broken ties even with other heroes who aren’t mutants. All of these elements spell mounting tensions around the globe between other nations and Krakoa and other heroes and the X-Men.

One thing to remember is Xavier has this all planned out. Krakoa is legally a nation-state that practices trade with other major countries. Would those countries risk losing out on Xavier’s drugs and break ties with Krakoa even if they learned that Xavier was up to some illegal shiftiness? Doubtful. However, when other super powered people declare someone a villain, there isn’t much normal people can do, powerful countries or not. And I think that is exactly what could happen.

All Out War in HoX and PoX

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Based on the events of these books, I think war is inevitable. Not only because of what Xavier is doing, but also because war has always been inevitable. In HoX #2, in each one of Moira’s lives, it always ends in war. Life 10 is just another try, another chance to get it right and make a peaceful future for everyone. This time, however, Xavier may have taken things a little too far. I think Black Panther will learn of the illegal smuggling happening in Wakanda under Xavier’s command. He could then call upon Namor, the Fantastic Four, and possibly the Avengers, to put a stop to it. In the end, it snowball into mutants versus the rest of the world’s super powered people. What an amazing showdown that would be!

However, I think this potential war would be different from the wars of Moira’s other lives. I think this time, the mutants would win. Even if Earth’s heroes call upon the Sentinels for assistance, they will be wielding weaker models Remembers, the X-Men have already weakened the Sentinel program greatly by destroying the Mothermold.

Plus, the mutants can all just come back to life! The only way the humans would win this war is if Mr. Sinister did what he did in life 9 and took down Krakoa from the inside. However, Xavier is no fool. He undoubtedly learned from the mistakes of the previous lives and has Mr. Sinister in check. Maybe that’s why he has kept him so close all this time? With that being said, the humans fighting the mutants without an inside person most likely means they will lose. That would definitely be a step up for mutants compared to Moira’s past lives! So, if that were to happen… mission accomplished?

Final Thoughts on PoX #5

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

PoX #5, minus the Phalanx, basically offered a behind the scenes look at the machinations of Charles Xavier. We see how they have enabled Krakoa to exist as well as how those choices could also spell the mutant nation’s end.

Right now it seems as though Xavier is trying to be too manipulative with other areas and peoples of the world. I mean, the only allies Krakoa has beyond mutants come almost entirely because of Charles’ miracle drugs for support deals. Not exactly a good start to a relationship. In the end, I think everything Xavier has done so far will come back to bite him. The end result could be an all out war with Earth’s non-mutant heroes, and I think PoX #5 wanted to show us that. To explain to us what has actually been going on and why, in the end, it will all blow up in Xavier’s face.

We’re coming to the end here, people! Only a few issues left in this amazing X-Saga, and no matter what happens, I cannot wait to see how it ends!

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