Well, guys, it’s official! Our X-Saga has come to an end. PoX #6 marks the last issue of the HoX-PoX series. And what a series it was!

In last week’s issue, HoX #6, we were given the last chapter of X1. We saw how the mutants achieved all their goals. Krakoa become a united mutant nation recognized by the U.N. Though separate from humans, mutantkind cannot help but celebrate what seems to be a legitimate chance for peace. Then there are the benefits to us, the readers. This new world is wide open for unique and exciting X-Men stories to come!

Like HoX #6, PoX #6 gives a satisfying conclusion, one with even more behind-the-scenes clarity. Let’s take a look at what happened in this epic finale and how this series is just the beginning of many more to come!

X3 Explained in PoX #6

PoX #6
Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Early in PoX #6, the scene shifts to X3: X-Men Year 1000. In the issues prior, X3 typically came at the end of an issue, so this move surprised me. It seemed a side story thrown in at the end to seed a developing subplot. So far, that always made sense. X3 in my mind, never really fit in with the rest of HoX-PoX.

An epic side story that I knew would eventually tie into the main storyline? Sure, but it was uncertain exactly how. All we knew was that it took place 1000 years in the future with the main characters being technologically enhanced humans. These evolved humans wished to ascend into a higher form of life and intelligence in the universe by merging with the Phalanx.

Cool, I mean, if that’s what you’re into, go for it. I am never one to yuck someone’s yum, especially technological zealots from a far flung future. But, why do we care? What does their little future story have to do with the X-Men and the events of the past in general? Well, in PoX #6, we finally get our answer, and in one fell swoop, two HoX-PoX mysteries are solved. PoX #6 reveals that X3 takes place in the 6th life of Moira X.

The True Intentions of The Librarian in PoX #6

PoX #6
Courtesy of Marvel Comics

When we are brought into the time of X3, we see the Librarian walking through a nature preserve that holds the last bit of what they see as primitive humanity. What they call primitive, however, we know as mutants. In the Librarian’s stroll, he runs into none other than Wolverine. When the Cranky Canuck asks him what he wants, the Librarian says that he is looking for Moira. That’s right guys, one thousand years later and Moira is still alive! According to the Librarian, she owes her long life to Logan’s blood. By a stroke of luck, they share a blood type and thus periodic transfusions of Lucky Jim Howlett platelets have made her similarly resistant to the ravages of age.

Of course, we don’t know much about the preserve itself. Perhaps it possesses some form of technology that stops the flow of time within itself? The specifics are unclear. What quickly becomes clear, however, is why the Librarian seeks her counsel. He knows about Moira’s mutant power, and he knows that in her next life she will try to undo everything humanity has achieved in X3. So, the Librarian wants to send Moira off-world.

The Phalanx cannot absorb biological matter. Thus the merging process would kill Moira, triggering her ability to reset all of existence. The Librarian can’t allow that to happen. If, on the other hand, he keeps Moira alive until after the “Ascension,” she can do nothing to stop him. He will achieve a kind of godhood even she cannot undo.

A Time Undone in PoX #6

PoX #6
Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Even with the danger of Moira, the Librarian is certain he cannot be stopped. He has thought of everything, resistance is futile. They lost, The Phalanx will absorb the world and Moira will never be able to undo what has been done.

Wolverine has some different opinions on the matter. Specifically, he thinks his claws would look real nice stabbed into the Librarian’s head. That’s right, even in the future, Wolvie is the best at what he does and what he does involves killing arrogant soon-to-be gods. Waiting until the Librarian tells them everything they need to know to undo the future in true super villain fashion, Logan skewers him!

Realizing they face a now or never situation, he and Moira agree that it’s time for her to shuffle off this mortal coil and on to the next life. He does the deed, ending Moira’s 6th life, and undoing the events of X3 in turn.

Conflict Within the Quiet Council in PoX #6

PoX #6
Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Once PoX #6 closes the door on the Phalanx side story, we’re brought back to X1 in Moira’s 10th life. On the day before the first meeting of the Quiet Council of Krakoa, Magneto and Xavier walk into a secret chamber located within Krakoa.

Called Moira’s No Space, the eponymous woman secretly resides there while the rest of the world believes her dead. Xavier, Magneto, and Moira herself, given her importance to the efforts, decided it would be best if they faked her death. With only Charles and Erik knowing the truth and her whereabouts, this present seems secured. Of course, the Librarian thought he had planned for everything too.

All three begin to discuss what they see as threats to their new government. In the end, the two biggest issues they have on their council are Mr. Sinister and Mystique. Mr. Sinister is an issue for obvious reasons. He’s Mr. Sinister. He thinks only of himself and cannot be trusted to do what’s best for a community.

Despite knowing this, they needed to rely on him to make this world possible. His involvement in the mutant rebirth project has given him plenty of information about them all. Thus, they decide the best course of action with Sinister is to continue to keep him close. Mr. Sinister remains a council member.

The issue with Mystique, on the other hand, is a bit more tricky.

Promises Left Unfulfilled

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Mystique would not agree to join Xavier and Magneto, let alone commit crimes for them, without certain guarantees. The first, a seat on the council, was easy to grant. The second was Destiny, her old partner, be brought back to life. Unbeknowst to Mystique, Moira denied this without hesitation. Destiny is a precog, capable of seeing people’s futures, their so-called destinies. The real problem, though, concerns Destiny and Moira’s previous encounter. Stemming for that, Moira knows Destiny is capable of seeing not only Moira’s current future, but her mutant gift, her past lives, and her potential future ones.

If the world found out about Moira’s powers, it may ruin the Krakoa initiative and everything it has achieved. The more specific information the world gains, the worse the consequences. Once they know it all, how the current state of the world came from a seemingly immortal mutant who can plan strategies throughout multiple lifetimes, there would be an all-out war. Mankind nearly lost their collective minds about a man who can make ice. Imagine their reaction to what Moira can do. That power likely would be too great for most of the world to understand. And those that could grasp it would likely be even more frightened by it.

Bad First Impressions

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

In Moira’s 3rd life, the one where she successfully created a mutant cure, Destiny, along with Mystique, Pyro, and Avalanche, came to find her. While Moira was tied to a chair with her dead colleagues around her, Destiny and Moira briefly spoke. Destiny told Moira that she sees ten, maybe eleven, lives in total that Moira has before she runs out. She also tells Moira that looking at her was like looking at a void. Time and space seemed to move around her rather than through her.

The real kicker, though, is how their encounter ended during Moira’s third life. Destiny had Pyro burn Moira alive slowly, just to send a message to her in her next life. Could there be some lasting resentment there? I would say so. Regardless, of the reasons, however, Moira has made her position very clear.

The problem? Xavier and Magneto already promised Mystique they would bring her back. I cannot see this ending well in DAWN OF X.

What Could Be Next For the Mutants?

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Going back to the three previous sections, I think one of the first issues the X-Men will have to deal with will be Mystique and Mr. Sinister. Given Mr. Sinister’s opportunist nature, I believe he will align himself with Mystique to achieve a common goal. We all know two definitive things about Mr. Sinister: he can’t be trusted and he is obsessed with mutant genetics. Krakoa basically has a mutant making machine with the ability to upload one’s consciousness into a fully powered mutant host. A mutant’s consciousness has supposedly never been inserted into another’s manufactured body, but there are plenty of theories that suggest this is not true. Even if it is though, I doubt that would stop Sinister from trying!

Magneto and Professor were never planning on bringing Destiny back, and it’s only a matter of time before Mystique realizes that. When she does, bringing it all down by joining Mr. Sinister will make perfect sense to her. He could use her anger to aid him in using the mutant rebirth project for his own nefarious purposes. If successful, Mr. Sinister would have access to the ultimate laboratory and Mystique would get Destiny back.

The only problem is that they need The Five to successfully create these bodies, along with Cerebro to insert consciousness. Perhaps Sinister and Mystique could use their combined will to work around that detail? I mean, she’s a shapeshifting mastermind and he’s an evil genius scientist, I’m sure they could figure something out. Mr. Sinister and Mystique going up against the X-Men, possibly without the safety net of rebirthing on the X-Men’s side, could be very interesting to see in Dawn of X!

Final Thoughts on PoX #6

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

PoX #6 was fantastic! From the Phalanx conclusion to the future setups, it did not fail to disappoint. The whole series came together so beautifully. Even better, we can look back now and appreciate things how everything fits together and what mutantkind accomplished over the course of 12 issues.

For the first time, mutants seem to have an edge over the humans. In every prior timeline, the humans triumph when the war comes. No longer. They utilized Moira’s knowledge from her past lives to destroy their enemies, especially perennial thorn in the side, the Sentinels.

Moreover they have successfully created a safe haven for mutants. One that is a legitimate country in the eyes of the world, protected by the same international laws that protect any country. Oh and the mutants found a way to beat death! If any of their soldiers died in battle, they could bring them back exactly as they were (including Wolverine’s adamantium claws, one of The Five, Proteus, is a reality bender).

Don’t get me wrong, it was by no means a neat ending. There are a lot of open ended issues, such as international conflicts, crumbling from within the council, or even a potential Avengers vs X-Men event! While this X-Saga ended nicely, the stories of these characters are far from over. In fact, this new era for the X-Men is only just beginning. And like I always say, I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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