Howard Chaykin may be one of the most colorful writers and illustrators that we had the pleasure to sit down with at Wizard World Philadelphia 2016. He is known for writing many titles for DC Comics and Marvel Comics. He wrote for the early 90s TV series THE FLASH, as well as MUTANT X. In very possibly my favorite interview of the convention in Philadelphia, ComicsVerse’s Chris Massari talks to Mr. Chaykin about his characters, ideologies, his past work, and his future endeavors.

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The interview begins with Howard Chaykin exploring his style and character ideology. Though he calls himself a “hard sell,” his characters are not. They are incredibly interesting characters and Chaykin does not hold back on their personalities. His characters are very unlikable for a reason: they’re the heroes of their own stories. This means that each character, especially the villains, are under the impression that they are doing the right thing for their own justified reasons, which makes for more interesting villains. He also doesn’t hold back with his more adult comic book content and he shares his feelings on those comic book series being banned in other countries.

Chaykin goes on to discuss his newest comic book series MIDNIGHT OF THE SOUL. The series features a World War Two veteran who returns home and attempts to be a writer. The main character has a lot of issues and is thrown into an adventure when he finds out that his wife is being unfaithful!

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It was an absolute pleasure to talk to Howard at Wizard World Philadelphia 2016. We hope to speak to him again in the future at other conventions, but until then, we’ll be reading MIDNIGHT OF THE SOUL!

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