Unfortunately, the sad announcement was made that after 10 episodes, ARROW will conclude on the CW. How will ARROW Season 8 conclude? What would be the most satisfying conclusion? Let’s take a look.

ARROW Season 8 to End With Oliver Queen’s Death?

The main reason for ARROW Season 8’s conclusion comes from actor’s Stephen Amell’s decision to move on to other things. Recently posting to social media, Amell gave some insight into why he’s leaving. We also found out his hopes for the series’ end.

ARROW Season 8
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In his video, Amell talks about all of the narrative arcs and boxes that they’ve checked off for Oliver Queen’s character over the years. In his mind there’s only one left: leaving a legacy. It’s quite possible that legacy could come as the result of Oliver dying.

This would track with what we saw in the latest ARROWVERSE crossover, ELSEWORLDS. At the crossover’s conclusion, Superman sees the future, in which Flash and Supergirl die saving the world. Oliver appeals to the Monitor to spare their lives, making an off-screen deal, the details being thus far unknown. Many assume that Oliver gave his own life in exchange at a later date, and this announcement seems to confirm this. Could it be that next year’s crossover, CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, is where Oliver pays his debt to the Monitor?

ARROW Season 8
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We now know that ELSEWORLDS was a huge test, orchestrated by the Monitor to test the Earth and its heroes. The test was to see if they could withstand an even bigger threat on the horizon, the Anti-Monitor. While the original CRISIS storyline from the comics has Supergirl and the Flash dying as well, it looks like Oliver’s deal changes that.

Crisis on Infinite Earths
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The main plot from the comics has the Anti-Monitor going from Earth to Earth destroying the entire DC Multiverse as he goes. The Monitor, whom we meet in ELSEWORLDS, tries to recruit the best and strongest heroes across the Multiverse to fight back. While hundreds of characters die, like Kara and Barry, the Anti-Monitor is defeated. However, the conflict leaves one Earth left as a sort of conglomeration of what the Multiverse once was. For the CW, it could mean that Supergirl’s Earth, Earth-2, and any other Earths we know of could all get combined together.

It would make sense for the crossover to occur after ARROW’s final ten episodes. The crossover would then serve as a final epic send-off for Oliver Queen, his death perhaps providing the way to defeat the Anti-Monitor, saving everyone.

How Will ARROW Season 8 Leave That Legacy?

Let’s look back to Stephen Amell’s comment about leaving a legacy. It could mean that someone steps in to take the Green Arrow mantle. We see others from seasons past don the Emerald Archer persona from time to time, like Diggle; Roy; or even, most recently, his half-sister Emiko. Looking even further down the timeline from what we’ve seen in the flash-forwards to Star City’s future, it could be Diggle’s son Connor Hawke or Oliver and Felicity’s daughter Mia.

ARROW Season 8
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The flash-forwards in ARROW Season 8 could set up what that legacy will be. We’re getting the cancellation announcement now, so it’s not like the producers or writers will feel a need to keep the idea of a conclusion a narrative secret. The ten episodes of ARROW could lead into the crossover, with flash-forwards showing us how the rest of the team copes moving forward.

Even if Oliver doesn’t die — though evidence would say to the contrary — he could still retire with someone else keeping his legacy alive. In any case, whether Oliver Queen dies or not, Green Arrow will live on in some way, shape, or form. Perhaps the show could live on, too?

GREEN ARROW Reboot Series?

An interesting theory that could potentially happen is that ARROW Season 8 does indeed end after 10 episodes. However, what if it paves the road for a new series reboot? A reboot where we truly get to see that legacy lived out. It could have many of the same characters and new ones, entering a new era for Star City’s protector. This reboot series could even be renamed GREEN ARROW. It would further symbolize the evolution that the vigilante identity Oliver Queen created has undergone. It would be pretty cool to see in my opinion.

ARROW Season 8
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No matter how it all shakes out, it’s certainly bittersweet to see ARROW go. ARROW opened the door for the shared DC television universe that we now have on the CW. It’s sad that it’s ending, but good that there’s a plan in place to have a strong and satisfying conclusion. Let’s enjoy ARROW for as long as we can!

Are you going to miss ARROW as much as we will? Are you looking forward to ARROW Season 8? Let us know in the comments below!

ARROW Season 7 is now currently on the CW.

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