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Picture the scene; you’re travelling abroad with work, and looking to settle in to an unfamiliar setting and culture.

At the end of a long, hard day, you return to your hotel room and decide to unwind with your favourite Marvel comic hit (Captain America: Civil War is our own particular favourite). However, after logging into your Netflix account, you’re horrified to discover that this title (along with several others) is not available in your new jurisdiction.

But is there anything else that can be done to overcome this issue, and why is this the case?

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How you Can Watch Netflix Comics from Anywhere in the World

In simple terms, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a tool that transfers the security of a private network across a public one.

It achieves this by disguising your computer’s IP address and geographic location, while this adds an additional layer of privacy and security that safeguards your most sensitive data.

By successfully disguising your IP address, you’ll mask your location immediately and be able to access the U.S. iteration of Netflix in Europe or other far-flung locations across the globe.

The key is to find a compatible and ideally streaming friendly VPN service that helps you to achieve your objectives. Firstly, you’ll need to identify a VPN that still works with Netflix, with the range of options having diminished recently as Netflix has cracked down on the less sophisticated and versatile VPN providers.

This type of VPN should have access to a vast server network that can handle your needs, while it should also have removed any bandwidth caps to optimise performance and accessibility.

On a final note, the VPN that you choose should also work in the relevant jurisdiction. After all, some free services can only be accessed in a restricted range of countries, so it’s important to make an informed selection that is fit for purpose as a consumer.

Why Can’t you Access your Favourite Netflix Titles Abroad?

The issue here is a simple one; as the typical Netflix library varies from one country to another depending on copyright laws, licensing restrictions and government influenced content control.

This means that while Netflix libraries in the U.S. and the UK are relatively advanced, those in other locations (particularly Singapore) feature far fewer programs. In fact, anyone living outside of the U.S. will definitely have access to far less content, and this can be something of a culture shock for North American citizens.

This applies to travellers as well as permanent residents, as your access to the Netflix platform will change depending on your real-time location rather than your country of origin. This can be extremely galling, as despite paying for a U.S. subscription you’ll still see your Netflix library restricted depending on where you’re visiting.

With some geo-restrictions also preventing you from watching foreign films across a host of other platforms, there’s no doubt that this can prove problematic for business travellers. Fortunately, there is something that can be done to tackle this issue, with the answer lying in the seemingly innocuous form of a VPN.

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