Let’s face it: modern television’s best portrayal of a superhero comes from the Marvel Studios/Netflix series DAREDEVIL. The show manages to expertly weave the lore of a blind ninja lawyer with excellent cinematography, lighting, sound, writing, and acting. Windows stylistically blast beams of yellow light to contrast with the often-seen blacks and reds of the scene. There is a distinct inspiration drawn here from film noir of the 1940s, where extreme light contrasts add to the feelings of tension.

Each season of DAREDEVIL contains an action-oriented long take, where each punch and grapple is viscerally felt not just by the audience, but by Matt Murdock himself. The hero of this show is not invincible and gets beaten up by common thugs on a regular basis. The series shows a grittier, more human superhero that deserves praise. Unfortunately, Netflix has canceled the popular show. This was likely due to some behind-the-scenes business with Marvel’s parent company, Disney.

Despite this loss, I believe this presents an opportunity to reutilize the character of Daredevil. Disney should absolutely consider transferring the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen to the MCU!

Why Should Daredevil Jump To Film?

Good question! Some may even point to Ben Affleck’s critically panned take on Daredevil in 2003. To be clear, that film was not inherently bad as a result of its source material; it was bad due to his shoddy performances, direction, and script. This is true for many films in the superhero genre. There are good Batman movies and terrible Batman movies. I would personally trust MCU head Kevin Feige to lead the project, given his great track record of producing quality films. Feige can take complete unknowns like the Guardians of the Galaxy and turn them into household names. So on leadership alone, I would be all in for a new Daredevil in Marvel movies.

daredevil in marvel movies
Courtesy of Netflix

There is also a major missing factor in the MCU: where is the mysterious, brooding loner with a heart of gold? The hero trope rounds out the Justice League quite well in the form of Batman. He and the optimistic Superman traditionally play off each other in both dramatic and comedic ways. With Marvel, we have a decent split between jokesters (Iron Man, Spider-Man, Falcon) and boy scouts (Captain America, Black Panther, Vision).

Imagine the possibilities of a super-serious Matt Murdock and a super-goofy Scott Lang being trapped in a room together! Okay, let’s say we decided to include Daredevil in the Marvel movies. But what do we do with the MCU-adjacent Netflix canon?

Let’s Keep the Continuity

The Netflix series lasts three full seasons and 13 episodes each. Within each season, there is a full-bodied, dramatic arc that Daredevil has to live through. In Season One, he begins to feel the consequences of his fledgling career as a vigilante through the harm that comes to himself and his friends. This continues into season two, while his past simultaneously comes back to haunt him in the shape of Elektra and The Hand. The final season gives Matt the chance to either overcome his inner demons or succumb to them.

One of the reasons I love this show is because of the journey it takes the main character. It would be a tragedy if this story is brushed aside in favor of a clean slate. Charlie Cox has done a tremendous job portraying Matt, from his subtle mannerisms to his sudden violent outbursts. I can really feel the emotion in his eyes, even when I know he can’t see anything. It is a tough job for an actor with no personal experience with a disability. Along with Charlie Cox, the supporting cast of Karen, Foggy, Fisk, Elektra, Stick, Frank and Poindexter have added immeasurably to the quality of the show’s story.

daredevil in marvel movies
Courtesy of Netflix

With the Netflix Daredevil in Marvel movies, we gain Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock, his entire rogue gallery, and his stellar circle of supporting characters. So we decided on keeping the continuity, but how exactly does he get implemented?

Soft Inclusion of Daredevil in Marvel Movies

As previously stated, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen has had a good 39 episodes to explore his own stories. We see what Matt thinks when he isolates himself from others. THE DEFENDERS gave us an opportunity to see a good team-up arc for Matt and the other Netflix heroes. The show, however, failed to live up to the expectations set by fans. Instead of dynamic, interesting interactions between deeply established characters, we received uninspired dialogue and plot contrivances that the biggest Marvel fanboy cannot ignore.

We never truly saw how Matt would fare in a real superhero team. The smoothest transition, in my opinion, to film is an introduction through a Spider-Man entry. Spidey has a well-documented history of working with Daredevil in the comics. Consequently, their rapport is not going to feel forced. Both characters prefer to do their hero-ing at a local level in the New York City area, so their sense of scale tends to align as well.

daredevil in marvel movies
Courtesy of Netflix

Something tells me that Charlie Cox’s Matt and Tom Holland’s Peter would complement each other quite nicely. One is older and cynical, the other is young and naïve… but both share a passion for justice and red spandex. From that film, Daredevil comes in handy in an AVENGERS film that requires his unique sonar detection, super-powerful sense and knowledge of the law (imagine another Sokovia Accords!)

Where He Fits After ENDGAME?

Spoilers to follow:

ENDGAME reformats the Marvel Cinematic Universe in an unprecedented way. Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow have either died or retired. Bruce Banner is unlikely to stay on as a full-fledged member. This is due to the completion of his character arc and the seemingly permanent damage done to him by the infinity stones. Hawkeye has been frequently trying to retire since AGE OF ULTRON, so I predict that he will stay home with his family for good. Thor is off to space with the Guardians.

War Machine can return if he wants, but what is Rhodey without Tony Stark? Daredevil can join Spider-Man, Falcon (as Captain America), Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man and the Wasp in what I call the New Avengers. It is a shame that Netflix and Disney cannot come to an agreement that allows Daredevil to live. That being said, I think there is still plenty of potential left for the current version of the character. I believe he deserves to join the ever-widening cast of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Phase Three closes. It’s the least these companies can do after canceling the greatest modern superhero show of our time!

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