CLOAK AND DAGGER S2 just came to an end, and what a season it was! The first half of the season was amazing, and the second half brought it all full circle. The last five episodes were action packed, drama filled, and incredibly suspenseful. Throughout these final episodes, there were comic nods and hints at the possibility of an extended universe. CLOAK AND DAGGER S2 also delved into some very serious topics in a tasteful and respectful way. Some of the topics season 2 tackled were trauma, abuse, and the importance of a support system.

In fact, before the credits at the end of episode 9, the showrunners put up the number for the suicide prevention hotline. These very real and very serious topics are key components of the show, and the show takes them very seriously. Let’s talk about the last five episodes of season 2. Why were they important for survivors who have been through a lot of what was discussed throughout the season? How does the end of CLOAK AND DAGGER S2 set up for the future of not only Tyrone and Tandy but for their entire extended universe?

What Happened in the Final Episodes?

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CLOAK AND DAGGER S2 episode 6 picked up from right where episode 5 left off. Tandy was kidnapped by Lia and her abusive boyfriend, who we found out was Andre. As the episode progressed, we got a deeper look into who Andre was. Andre, along with Ty and Tandy, was present during the Roxxon explosion. Just as Tyrone and Tandy gained powers from the exposure, so did Andre. Andre gained the ability to feed on people’s despair which left them in turmoil but eased his migraine pain.

Tandy escaped from Andre’s clutches by the end of episode 6, but the real fight was ahead of them. The gist of Andre’s overall evil plan was to feed off the despair of enough people to become god-like. Since his powers came from the Roxxon explosion, Andre was able to travel to and from the Darkforce Dimension. Tyrone and Tandy themselves had to travel to and from the Darkforce Dimension in order to finally beat Andre.

Setting Up for Season 3

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By the end of the CLOAK AND DAGGER S2, Tyrone and Tandy beat Andre. The two also put a stop to human trafficking in their area and their powers and relationships with each other have grown stronger. Not only was Andre defeated, but Connors finally answered for the crimes he committed. Granted, Connors’ end was that of being shot to death by Tyrone’s mom before he was exposed for his crimes. The good news is though, Tyrone’s name is cleared by the last episode. The last scene is Ty and Tandy getting on a bus. They’re going to investigate some dead bodies washing up on a beach in another city. Needless to say, season 3 is prepped, primed, and ready to unfold with a brand new and exciting story!

The Portrayal of Trauma and Abuse

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The main underlying focus of CLOAK AND DAGGER S2 is overcoming trauma and abuse. The villain of the season is a sex trafficker who plans to torment his victims further with his powers in order to make himself god-like. Andre’s whole evil mission in season 2 represents every abuser with their victims. The abuser abuses his victims in order to make himself feel powerful. They think that whatever pain they are going through or have gone through justifies how they treat others.

Ty and Tandy, along with other characters throughout the season, represent survivors of abuse. They are people who have had horrible things happen to them, but instead of succumbing to their trauma and becoming just like their abuser, they rise up and try to put an end to the abuse. Their friendship and support system is stronger than what has happened to them. They are stronger than what has happened to them.

The Strength and Growth of Our Characters

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By the end of CLOAK AND DAGGER S2, Ty and Tandy fully realized that they needed each other to defeat their villain. Ty and Tandy’s relationship shows fans of the show who are survivors of their own abuse that it is okay to ask for help. While they are strong enough to go into a fight alone and probably come out on top, they don’t have to put that weight on just their shoulders. Ty and Tandy have each other and other people around them who love them and who will fight by their side.

Yes, times were hard for Ty and Tandy, but they never gave up, because they couldn’t give up. They are survivors and they are stronger than their abuse. CLOAK AND DAGGER S2 did a great job at conveying their message of overcoming abuse. The showrunners present the issues of trauma and abuse in an honest and thoughtful way, which is rare for a television show and empowering for fans who are overcoming trauma in their own lives, whatever that trauma may be.

CLOAK AND DAGGER Extended Universe

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In the second to last episode of CLOAK AND DAGGER S2, two characters from different Marvel shows are mentioned by name. Those two characters are Karen Page and Luke Cage. If you are a fan of the Netflix-Marvel Universe, then you know exactly who those people are. Luke Cage is a bulletproof man with super strength who protects the people of Harlem, New York from crime. Karen Page is a journalist who is the main character in the DAREDEVIL show on Netflix. Why are these mentions important?

Well, last year and earlier this year, the Netflix-Marvel Universe became no more. Every Marvel character’s show on the streaming service was canceled. Could CLOAK AND DAGGER give these characters a second life? Disney owns Freeform, the channel that airs CLOAK AND DAGGER, as well as Hulu, where CLOAK AND DAGGER can be streamed. Disney does not own Netflix, where characters such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones exist. However, Disney does own the rights to the Netflix-Marvel heroes and can produce content with those characters after two years of their Netflix cancellation.

So, it is safe to assume that Disney still wants the Netflix-Marvel characters to exist, just not on Netflix. By adding those characters, just as they were on Netflix, into the universe of CLOAK AND DAGGER, Disney could continue on with those amazing stories. Plus, they would continue within an expanded world without the need for a reboot. Just add THE RUNAWAYS to the mix and we could be looking at a pretty sweet street-level Marvel Television Universe!

Where Does CLOAK AND DAGGER Go From Here?

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CLOAK AND DAGGER S2 ended up with Tyrone and Tandy defeating Andre before leaving town on a bus. Mayhem, who escaped the Darkforce Dimension by merging bodies with Brigid, told them that dead bodies have washed up on the beach in another city. Cloak and Dagger, being the heroes that they are, are going to investigate. Could season 3 be a set up for a crossover event? We have confirmation that the Netflix-Marvel Universe exists within the CLOAK AND DAGGER universe. However, Disney can’t produce any new content with the Netflix-Marvel heroes for two years after their cancellations, as per their original contract.

So seeing those characters appear in CLOAK AND DAGGER season 3 is unlikely. There are other heroes/shows Disney does have the immediate rights to, though. THE RUNAWAYS crossover would be an awesome addition to both shows. In the comics, Cloak and Dagger fight alongside the Runaways, often enough to be notable. A crossover season with THE RUNAWAYS would add another layer of comic accuracy to both series that fans would greatly appreciate. Not to mention, all of those heroes meeting up to face off against a crazy awesome super villain would be so epic!


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Overall, CLOAK AND DAGGER S2 was amazing. We saw how much our heroes grew from their experiences from season 1. We also saw how those experiences carried over from season 1 and how they still haunted them in season 2. By the end of season 2, however, Tyrone and Tandy had taken those past traumas and conquered them. While the traumas, such as the death of Ty’s brother and Tandy’s abusive father, will remain within them, Ty and Tandy were still able to move on.

They became able to control how those traumas will influence and affect their lives moving forward. Overcoming abuse by finding your own inner strength through the love and support of others became the main message CLOAK AND DAGGER sent to viewers. The show has a fantastic message along with an amazing plot and non-stop action. Plus, if you have Hulu, you can binge all of the seasons 1 and 2! If you haven’t yet, go check out CLOAK AND DAGGER, you won’t regret that you did.

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