MY THESIS: HOW COMICS SAVED MY LIFE by Chris Galvin with art by Mair Sierra. This original webcomic was produced and edited by Kristine Don exclusively for ComicsVerse. Please view in full screen for optimal enjoyment.

So. This the first comic I’ve ever written. How did I do?

I’ve always loved comics, but for a long time it was mostly UK reprints I was able to find up until about a decade ago. I devour them, but I’m also mystified by them. The whole comics production process – what’s a comics script look like? How does that change in the artist’s hands? How can coloring make or break the look of a book? I’ve read a lot, I’ve watched artists at work, but it still feels like a magical process. So when ComicsVerse announced they were going to do a series of webcomics, I jumped at the chance. My submission was a 6 panel drawing with no dialogue. Then the real work began, figuring out how to actually write a script, work out how many panels I would need per page. Through all this, I had Mair and Kristine, who challenged the story and made it stronger, more powerful. I learned how to adapt and change, and how much the artist is the real strength behind what the story can be.

With that in mind, I’d just like to say a huge thank you to Mair Sierra for penciling, inking and coloring this webcomic. She has been a true inspiration when it comes to what she could do with the page, and really expanded my initial 6 panel story. Thank you to Kristine Don, our editor for challenging both of us in how we told the story and really helped shape the final piece. And obviously a shout out has to go to Justin Alba, CEO of ComicsVerse. His open letter about how comics helped him was a major influence on the webcomic. And finally, thanks to you, the readers, the comic fans. Those who take a chance on new stories which excite and inspire. I hope you all like it.

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