Just when it looks like Tel-Kar is going to be victorious, who steps in but the Kree! What will happen to Eddie and the symbiotes? Check out the VENOM: FIRST HOST #5 preview to find out!

[one_half]VENOM FIRST HOST #5 cover page 1


Written by: Mike Costa

Art by: Mark Bagley, Paco Diaz, Andrew Hennessy, Dono Sanchez-Almara, VC’s Clayton Cowles

Cover by: Mark Bagley, Richard Isanove

Will Venom be able to fight off Tel-Kar? Get your issue to find out what happens!


As if things couldn’t get any worse, Tel-Kar, THE FIRST HOST, has set his sights on Earth! Though this Kree soldier may have been a war hero for his beloved homeworld, he has no such affections for Earth…and all that’s standing between him and the planet…IS VENOM!

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All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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