The dead are coming back to life, but how and why remain a mystery. Officer Long and Chief McClelland are about to encounter their fair share of mysteries in HONOR #2. How they handle them will be anyone’s guess.

Based in the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD universe, Double Take launched a 10 comic series set around this event. HONOR #1 introduced us to Long and McClelland, both Evans County law enforcement, on a typical work day. What started as a normal day of speeding cars and fines, ended in tragedy, and hinted at an oncoming epidemic.

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HONOR #2 picks up almost directly where #1 leaves off. A group of people, dressed in nothing but hospital clothes, looking dazed and confused, hail down a car. They turn aggressive, turning the car upside down and dragging the driver out. What they do to him remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, officer Long continues her tale of her as a young child finding a gun for the first time while she and the Chief investigate a disturbance at the Sproles residence. However, when they get there, they discover dead bodies that are heavily mutilated. Then they’re called to the mortuary, where things are even worse.


Having read HONOR #1, I was a little bit cagey about delving into issue 2. The first issue didn’t grab me as much. The writing was fine, and the art was ok. However, it seems that the creative team has stepped it up a notch since then, as issue 2 is a huge improvement. A lot goes on in this issue. People are dragged from cars, a disturbance turns into a murder scene, the mortuary is full of people who just won’t stay dead. It’s all handled really well.

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The build-up and pacing of each scene within the issue is spot on. You can feel the silence and dread as the police officers move silently through the Sproles home. Each movement and panel position is expertly timed, creating great tension before the reveal. Then, when we get to the morgue, we get a superb Point Of View moment as, gun cocked, McClelland enters the morgue. It’s a nice homage to zombie first-person shoot ’em ups. The ending is a great combination of tension and action as with each click of the trigger, every panel reveals that these revived bodies take more than a bullet to the chest to bring them down.


The art throughout the issue feels more refined, the inks are solid and steady, while the shading is done with a deft touch. The characters are detailed and real, while the zombies, in their various states of being undead, bring the right amount of unease and fear to each page. The violence is bloody without being unnecessarily gory.

Overall a lot of work has gone into this issue; everything is planned out. Each member of the creative team deserves a nod for their work, especially Julian Rowe for such excellent use of layouts. You can read this issue in many forms, but my recommendation is buying and reading it on Comixology. They make the digital reading experience almost like viewing a film, and it’s an inspired touch.

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