Green Lanterns #45
GREEN LANTERNS #45 continues "Ghosts Of The Past" with a slightly filler, but still gripping, chapter. Tim Seeley pushes Jessica closer to her lost memories, as Baz starts to find other answers.
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Lost In Memory

GREEN LANTERNS #45 continues “Ghosts of the Past” with a mix of flashback and discovery. There’s a slight filler feel to the issue, but it still moves the story along, even if it’s just a piece in the machine.

Back In the Past

The issue begins with a flashback of the hunting trip that worsened Jessica Cruz’s anxiety problems. We see Cruz beginning to relive the event but, of course, it isn’t real. The entire scene is a sort of vivid dream Jessica’s been placed in by Singularity Jain. Baz and the Justice League deal with the visible result — a huge black hole over Jessica’s apartment building.

GREEN LANTERNS #45 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

This opening works on a number of levels. Writer Tim Seeley creates a unique dichotomy of a space disaster on Earth and a seemingly quiet forest. The superhero moments give the story the needed punch. The dream sequence feels like a Greek tragedy with its growing sense of dread. The slow build heightens the tension. The artwork from Ethan Van Scriver and Hi-Fi follows along perfectly. The real world moments carry all the visual fun these two are known for. The forest scenes show they’re just as skilled creating smaller, more normal settings too. It’s simply a great showing for both sides of the GL team here.

Baz arrives with Singularity Jain in tow, and the League begins an interrogation. Jain is flippant at first, until Wonder Woman uses her lasso. Jain recounts the events of the last issue that brought Cruz to her. However, she appears to reverse the lasso and tempt Wonder Woman with the idea of mortal worship. I definitely enjoyed this touch as an AMERICAN GODS fan. At the same time, this scene makes Jain more confusingly powerful. Until now she’s been depicted as an alien, but this encounter indicates magic too. It makes her seem far more powerful, and it may be too much for this character.

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Power and Magic

The flashbacks continue as Jessica recounts a childhood panic attack. She describes being afraid of her father not coming home, and her friend convincing her that she was simply afraid of not being in control. The last line of the conversation (that said friend advised Jessica to get more power and control everything) adds an air of mystery to the proceedings. It might just be a throwaway line, but it gets the reader’s mind working over why Jessica can’t remember who attacked her and her friends (who happened to include her ex-boyfriend, who was dating her best friend at the time). Another great touch by Seeley.

The Ride Ends In GREEN LANTERNS #43

Outside, John Constantine arrives, and seems very familiar with the current phenomenon. He calls it a “gateway to damnation,” but also reveals that Baz is able to enter. Simon sees it as proof Jessica wants him to help, even though Constantine says he can’t bring his ring with him. Baz enters to find a misty green wasteland that brings to mind the inner workings of a Black Lantern Power Ring. The art team shows their range again, as they demonstrate their supernatural prowess as well.

GREEN LANTERNS #45 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The scene brings up many questions though. How did Singularity Jain create this whole world? When did the book move into the supernatural? What IS Jain anyway? The ending doesn’t give any answers, but it does give us plenty to come back for next month.

Final Thoughts On GREEN LANTERNS #45

GREEN LANTERNS #45 adds to the overall story with strong art and stronger questions. The two disparate sides of the narrative blend perfectly together thanks to the skill of Tim Seeley. The art team continues to show an almost ease at creating unique environments for any setting the story needs. Story-wise, it still feels like a part of a bigger tale, adding questions to keep us interested. There’s also the problem of Jain’s true nature and whether or not she’s being overpowered. Regardless, the story succeeds in keeping our interest and furthering the great reputation that the GREEN LANTERNS team is building for itself.

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