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Superhero movies pretty much all have at least one mid or post-credit scenes these days. Since FAST & FURIOUS PRESENTS: HOBBS & SHAW is pretty much a superhero movie in every possible way accept acknowledging it, it stands to reason it would have one. And it does! Actually, it has two!

Ok, real talk though? After this, you are Spoiler Town, USA. If you don’t want to know stuff, don’t scroll down. If you do scroll down, well, there is no one to blame but yourself.

Please note, I have heard mixed reports on the order of these mid-credit scenes. I have presented them as they unfolded in the screening I attended. You may end up seeing them in reverse order. I honestly don’t think it matters, but for the sake of transparency, now you know.

The Charge!
Dwayne Johnson leads the charge in a scene from HOBBS & SHAW. (Courtesy of Universal Pictures)

HOBBS & SHAW: Mid-Credits Scene 1: The Hobbs Centric One

We join a moment in media res. Down a thin concrete hallway, a few bloodied bodies are scattered about. At the end of the hall, a man in a suit brutally beats what appears to be the only other still living person. The man handing out the beatings? Now other than Hobbs’ self-proclaimed BFF, the CIA agent played by Ryan Reynolds.

(Look, I warned you about spoilers, ok? If you hadn’t seen the movie, sorry, but now you know Ryan Reynolds is in it.)

Discarded the last baddie, Reynold seals himself in a room that looks kind of like the cash wrap office at the Circuit City Express where I used to work. There he calls Hobbs to warn him about ANOTHER virus, but ends up telling Hobbs’ daughter all about it first. Finally, Hobbs reaches the phone, just as bullets perforate said office door. Reynolds’ character, however, remains seemingly unafraid and maintains his joking tone as he invites Hobbs onto another mission.

Hobbs & Shaw: Shaw's armbar
Jason Statham helps a friend stretch in a scene from HOBBS & SHAW. (Courtesy of Universal Pictures)

HOBBS & SHAW: Mid-Credits Scene 2: The Shaw Centric One

Shaw has returned to the pub he began the film drawing a pint at. It once again appears totally empty raising the question of if Shaw ever actually opens the place or just uses it as his own personal beer joint.

As he settles in for a look at the paper and a draught, his phone rings. It’s Hobbs on the line, saying he just had to be on the phone to hear what happens next. It seems, as payback for the Shaw getting Hobbs in trouble at the airport, the muscle-bound American has set up his British frenemy. Shaw strolls outside to find a collection of bobbies waiting out front to bring him in. He meets their demands with a cocky, “This isn’t going to go down how you think it is.

Shirtless Elba
Idris Elba lost his shirt, no one seems to mind, in a scene from HOBBS & SHAW. (Courtesy of Universal Pictures)

What Don’t We Get

The voice behind Etheon, heavily distorted throughout, is impossible to identify. The film hints at it being known to Hobbs from some previous job, but Hobbs never ventures a guess. Shaw, on the other hand, has encountered Etheon before but seems equally unaware of who is in charge.

Rumors have long swirled that Keanu Reeves, in fact, was the owner of the voice in question. It makes sense. Reeves is quite the action star of the moment and thus has enough street cred to make him a realistic antagonist for the ridiculously muscled Dwayne Johnson and highly skilled fighter Jason Statham. Additionally, he has a high enough star level that holding back his identity for a big reveal would actually be worth the payoff.

Alas, neither credits sequence even touches on said shadowy manipulator. Does not mean it will not be Reeves in the future (although it seems that was only a rumor), but right now? We still have no idea.

Hobbs & Shaw: Hobbs and Shaw
Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham got that strut in HOBBS & SHAW. (Courtesy of Universal Pictures)

Are They Worth Staying For?

They are kind of nothing scenes but they are funny.

If you like the HOBBS & SHAW vibe, why not? Unless you have to run to the bathroom. Then, please go. These scenes are not worth rupturing your bladder for.

Everyone else? Come on, where do you have to run to? Sit down, enjoy the comfy seats, and notice some of the fine people behind the movie who never make it to the marquee. Then, enjoy a few chuckles at the scenes. There are worse ways to spend 9 and a half minutes.

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