The Highly Anticipated BULLSEYE #1 is Coming February 1st!

And here I thought Christmas was over! Marvel is starting off 2017 in the best possible way by bringing their fans an all new 5-issue arc centered on one of their most notorious villains: Bullseye.

We finally get a look into his dangerous and most certainly deadly exploits in BULLSEYE #1. This series, created by Ed Brisson, writer of IRON FIST, and Guillermo Sanna, artist of DEADPOOL, will focus on Bullseye as he continues to take out his many targets, one bullet (or card) at a time. What does Bullseye do when he isn’t attempting to kill Daredevil or the Punisher? Does he do it all for pleasure or is it simply business? These are some of the questions eager fans may finally get the answers to in this new series (I’m sure he mainly does it for fun though).

To top things off, Comic book legend Marv Wolfman is teaming up with Alec Morgan to bring us a back up story where Bullseye must deal with crucial mafia intelligence. Marv Wolfman, co-creator of the character Bullseye, has finally returned to offer us a deeper look into this character’s backstory and continuing development.

It’s about damn time we get a series focusing on one of Marvel’s most fun villains, so we can expect tons of cheeky dialogue and clever kills. So much gory-goodness can be anticipated from BULLSEYE #1 since I’m more then sure marvel will deliver with this great series.

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Keep your calendars marked for the debut of BULLSEYE #1 on February 1st!

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