SIDEWAYS #2, by Kenneth Rocafort, Dan Didio, Justin Jordan, and Daniel Brown, slows the pace down from the previous issue while building up the supporting cast and showing the consequences of Derek James’ newfound career. The art by Kenneth Rocafort continues to be wonderful.

SIDEWAYS #2 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

On The Ledge

SIDEWAYS #2 picks up as our hero is being hunted down by a being called Tempus Fuginaut. Derek manages to escape, injuring himself in the process. Getting help from his best friend, Ernie, they rush to the hospital. His mother arrives, reliving the pain when Derek was first was lost during the events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL. Derek’s job isn’t done yet, as a new metahuman calling herself Killspeed is at the same hospital and putting everyone in danger!

SIDEWAYS #2 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Danger All Around In SIDEWAYS #2

The sophomore issue of SIDEWAYS wisely shows the consequences of being a new hero. A large cosmic being, Tempus, tracked Derek down by chasing his movement around the world. Tempus Fuginaut implies that Derek’s rifting powers are endangering others by ripping holes in our dimension.

We see this first hand in the issue as some black ooze drips out of Derek’s rifts and consumes a duck in a pretty nasty fashion, likely setting up a threat Sideways will have to deal with later. I appreciate that so far all of the antagonists are stemming out of whatever happened to Derek.

Tempus acts more of a watchdog of reality and his need to kill Derek is a result of duty, instead of malice. Despite her name, Killspeed seems to be a victim of a similar incident and just seems fed up. Killspeed attacking the hospital that our cast is in feels like its coming from a place of desperation, rather than any truly villainous motivations.

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There are plenty of external threats Derek faces, but there are also internal ones as well. Derek escapes Tempus by basically leaping off a building and in the process tries to slow himself down by grabbing onto buildings, poles, and whatever else is nearby. The escape sequence really drives home that this is all new to Derek. Like a teenager would think, he uses pop culture as a reference to help him slow his fall.

Unfortunately, none of this really works and he manages to get pretty beaten-up.

The Supporting Cast

Besides Derek, we get to know the women in his life better in this issue. The cost of using his powers is already putting a strain on both his mother and his best friend. First, he arrives at Ernie’s house after his disastrous fall and the poor child doesn’t know what to do so she calls a pseudo-Uber and takes him to the hospital.

Her terror and uncertainty really shines throughout Justin Jordan’s script and helps keep Ernie human. The real standout character is Derek’s mother, who recalls when she first lost him. Through her voice, we feel the fear of losing a son and the resolve to never let that happen again. I really empathized with her, as losing a child has to be a heartbreaking experience.

The storytellers deserve kudos for conveying strong emotions this well.

SIDEWAYS #2 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Astonishing Art in SIDEWAYS #2

Kenneth Rocafort’s art is the reason to pick up this book. Tempus Fuginaut design is fascinating. A large cosmic being, with an oblong head featuring several gears right in the middle. The design itself is so like something Jack Kirby would have dreamt of they even playfully allude to it by referring to him as “Some nightmare from a Kirby comic.” Likewise, Rocafort’s art is great for the human characters, we see the emotions from both Ernie and Derek’s mother as they worry over him.

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SIDEWAYS #2 Continues To Rock

SIDEWAYS #2 slows down a bit and shows the consequences of someone using a power they don’t fully understand. Said consequences are both internal and external this week as our hero is beaten pretty badly and several new threats appear.

We get a better understanding of the SIDEWAYS supporting cast by putting them in all too real situations of missing children and injured friends. The art ties everything together and continues to be the reason why I love the look of this book. From human characters to more obscure science fiction creations, everything is a joy to witness.

SIDEWAYS #2 by Kenneth Rocafort, Dan Didio, Justin Jordan, and Daniel Brown
SIDEWAYS #2 by Kenneth Rocafort, Dan Didio, Justin Jordan, and Daniel Brown is a visual treat. New threats show up as we get to know the supporting cast better.
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Visually Stunning

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