If Ben Kahn appears to be a little jumpy at Flame Con 2017, it’s for a good reason. Coming off a kick-ass run with illustrator Bruno Hidalgo on his comic book SHAMAN, the young writer is now pushing his latest collaboration with Bruno, HEAVENLY BLUES.

I previously sat down with Ben at the ComicsVerse office for a one-hour interview about both of these books, but he’s got a different energy about him this time around. There is an excitement in his voice that only occurs when you’re living out one of your childhood dreams; HEAVENLY BLUES hit international shelves this year.

His name is starting to sound familiar and while he’s picking up steam, his hustle never stops. While talking to fans and selling books, the flower-crown totting demi-god of dialogue gave ComicsVerse a few minutes of his time to discuss Flame Con, HEAVENLY BLUES, and what it’s like to see your own comic in shops across the world.

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Well, that’s a good place to start. Published by Scout Comics, HEAVENLY BLUES takes place in Hell. The protagonist of this tale is Isiah Jefferson, a former bank robber, and gangster, who along with his Salem witch trial-era friend Erin, tries to recruit other hell-damned people to break in and rob heaven.

Some characters come from ancient Egypt and others from the wild wild west.This is like Ocean’s Eleven meets the Magnificent Seven meets Dante’s Inferno, yet HEAVENLY BLUES is an original idea that every medium needs.

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We wish Ben all the luck in the world. Make sure to pick up HEAVENLY BLUES at your nearest comic shop!

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