HAWKMAN #7 is an amazing comic. The visuals are captivating and dark, perfectly capturing the Deathrbringer's devastation and Hawkman's internal strife. Also, Hawkman's past unravels in this revamped storyline for HAWKMAN #7. By far, a must read!
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HAWKMAN #7 is the origin story we’ve all been waiting for! Written by Robert Venditti, this issue unravels Hawkman’s past. With incredible artwork by Bryan Hitch, the visuals in this comic are a true spectacle. Why does Carter Hall keep reincarnating across time and space? Who are the real Deathbringers, the massive destroyers from Hall’s visions? Get HAWKMAN #7  to find out! This is definitely a comic worth reading.

Meet the First Hawkman in HAWKMAN #7

In HAWKMAN #7, we meet Ktar, who is both a Hawkman and a general for the Deathbringers. What a twist! In a previous life, Carter Hall was one of the mass killers from his visions. Shockingly, he performs a ritual that involves sacrificing people as tribute to the “Lord Beyond the Void.” Is there, as he stands among thousands of dead bodies, a woman appears to him. Planet after planet, this woman’s image follows him, further adding to his shame.

Plagued by his guilt, Ktar betrays the Deathrbingers and refuses to give tribute. Instead, he begins to destroy their temple. By doing so, he has earned the title of the “great betrayer;” a name that stuck in Hall’s broken memories, throughout his journey.

HAWKMAN #7 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Amidst the chaos of destroying the temple, Ktar’s killed. Once again, the woman appears and makes him an offer. Agreeing to pay his debt, Ktar will keep reincarnating until he has saved as many lives as he has ended. Also, she warns him that the Deathbringers are not dead, only imprisoned, and that they will eventually return to continue their massacre.

After this intense flashback, we return to Carter Hall in the present. While on the ship he found in the previous issue, the coordinates are set to another notable location within the DC Universe. With Carter headed to Krypton, will we see a Kryptonian guest appearance?

Captivating Visuals

If you’re in the holiday spirit, the visuals in HAWKMAN #7 might not be for you. Don’t get me wrong, the artwork is intense and powerful. Most of the images, however, feature grim and depressing scenes. Piles of corpses that go on for miles. Sheer carnage that spans across many planets. Human sacrifices falling to their deaths. It’s pure devastation.

HAWKMAN #7 page 6. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Seeing what feels like a million skulls, representing every life he’s taken, adds to the gravity of Ktar’s actions. Witnessing the original Hawkman crumble to the ground in regret was like a punch to the stomach. So using the image of this red-haired woman as the embodiment of his guilt is brilliant.

Groundbreaking Story

For the past couple of issues, I’ve complained about the repetitive cycle this story was stuck in. Finally, in HAWKMAN #7, we have broken free from that hackneyed formula. It’s a Christmas miracle! From this comic, we learn more about Hawkman’s past. In a surprise turn of events, Hawkman is the Deathbringer. So for a series that was starting to develop a recycled storyline, there are a lot of twists and turns in HAWKMAN #7.

While discovering his origins, we also learn more about the original Hawkman. As he slaughters thousands of people, you can really feel his overwhelming guilt and shame. However, there’s something special about Ktar finding his true purpose and pledging to save lives instead of taking them. Overall, HAWKMAN #7 is a breath of fresh air for this series. Let’s just hope future issues don’t fall back on old habits.

Final Thoughts on HAWKMAN #7

So HAWKMAN #7 is an amazing comic. With exceptional writing, Robert Venditti has brought a newfound complexity to Hawkman and his backstory. However, I’m left with even more questions, which might be a good thing. This mystery isn’t over yet, and this story has yet to run out of intrigue. Was the woman an incarnation of Shiera? Who is this Lord Behind the Veil? What will Carter Hall find on Krypton?

Also, the artwork itself is a visual marvel. Some of the images in HAWKMAN #7 are so gripping, they took my breath away. Just the pure horror and death in this issue is incredible to witness. Hats off the Bryan Hitch for capturing the devastation of those Deathrbringers and Hawkman’s inner turmoil. Overall, HAWKMAN #7 is a phenomenal issue. You won’t want to miss reading this comic!

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