HAWKMAN #3 is an incredible issue. Robert Venditti has written such a captivating storyline for Hawkman. The artwork by Bryan Hitch is spectacular, packed with a ton of action and intricate details. You won't be able to put this comic down!
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Determined to uncover the truth behind his many reincarnations, Carter Hall’s quest leads him to Dinosaur Island. Will he find the answers he seeks there? Robert Venditti’s new storyline for Hawkman is rich and filled with mystery and adventure. Plus, the artwork by Bryan Hitch is a spectacle in itself. Overall, HAWKMAN #3 is a comic you can’t miss!

Warning, potential spoilers are below!

Adventure in Dinosaur Island

The story begins with Hawkman fighting a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Yes, the battle is as awesome as it sounds. As Hawkman treks through the forests of Dinosaur Island, he must defend himself against prehistoric beasts in order to survive. After his encounter with a T-Rex, Carter Hall sits by a campfire, writing in his journal. In his notes, he recalls what he has learned so far, and what’s still unknown to him. Who is Kalmoran? What is the great cataclysm?

HAWKMAN #3 page 3. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

There is this cloud of mystery that remains hanging over his head. The following day, Hawkman flies towards the top of the mountain, where he believes his next clue will be. While flying, he encounters a feral flock of Feitherans, which are half-bird, half-human creatures. Singlehandedly, Hawkman fights through this group of avian beings. Once he makes his way past them, he meets an elder Feitheran who’s familiar with Hawkman’s legend. He knows why Carter has many past lives and also why the Feitherans are protecting the “secrets of the aerie.”

When the elder vanishes, Hawkman is guided to a cave with walls made of an alien metal. Within the cave, he discovers hawk-related symbols and uses the Hawk-headed staff to unlock the big secret; a planetarium. Suddenly, constellations from another galaxy project on the ceiling. The stars depict an ancient alien mythology about the first great hero, Kalmoran.

Traveling Across Space

A Journey of Self-Discovery Into the Past in HAWKMAN #2

Then, HAWKMAN #3 concludes quite unexpectedly. In the previous issue, Hall was magically transported back to Ancient Egypt to meet his past self. This vision or time travel elements happens once again. This time, Hawkman is sent to the futuristic world of Thanagar, the planet where the gravity-defying Nth metal was originally discovered. When he’s transported to this new world, Hall comes face to face with another one of his incarnations, Katar Hol of the Thanagarian police force. What answers will he find with this unexpected detour? We’ll have to wait for the next installment!

Carter Hall Finding Himself

I like the personal journal aspect of HAWKMAN #3. While Carter chronicles his journey of self-discovery, we as the readers are able to dive into his thoughts. This gives insight into what he knows and what he doesn’t about his past and his destiny. His determination to find those missing pieces of himself never wavers. Despite his feelings of uncertainty and loneliness, he still has a true purpose.

Not once does he show signs of discouragement from facing so many unanswered questions about his reincarnations and the impending prophecy. Throughout his quest, he uses his archaeologist way of thinking to uncover his past. So the mystery of his life only fuels his fire to search for answers.

Amazing Artwork

HAWKMAN #3 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Filled to the brim with action, HAWKMAN #3 is a visual treat. Especially in the way the artwork showcases Hawkman’s unique fighting style. When he fights, even without wings and against a giant dinosaur, his movements still look nimble and weightless. As if with every leap or swing of his mace he’s flying through the air.

From the looming shadows of a forest to the individual feathers on wings, each panel is presented with such intricate detail. With exceptional visuals, it’s clear that Bryan Hitch really knows how to fill up a page with imagery in HAWKMAN #3. Seriously, every page took my breath away.

HAWKMAN FOUND #1: Short Wingspan

Final Thoughts on HAWKMAN #3

This is a marvelous issue. Overall, the story is full of mystery, action, and adventure. With Carter Hall’s journey to find himself, this fresh plotline is absolutely captivating. Hawkman is such a wonderful character and deserves to be center stage. I love the way he pieces his past together and how determined he is to solve the mystery behind his reincarnations. In terms of the artwork, the detailed visuals are stunning. Every action flies right off the page. All in all, HAWKMAN #3 is definitely an issue you can’t miss.

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