HAWKMAN FOUND #1 by Jeff Lemire and Brian Hitch
This DARK NIGHTS: METAL tie-in doesn't move much forward, but it continues to hint that Hawkman plays a larger part in the series.
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HAWKMAN FOUND #1: The Return of Carter Hall

DARK NIGHTS: METAL has been repeatedly asked the question where’s Carter Hall? Fans that are hoping to find an answer here might feel a bit disappointed. HAWKMAN FOUND #1 takes readers straight to the lost Carter but leaves them with more questions than answers. Mainly, a drawn-out, uneventful inner struggle ends where METAL #4 also finished off. This issue feels more like something that was put out to keep readers busy, rather than push forward the successful METAL storyline. HAWKMAN FOUND #1 is a dragged-out narrative that leaves readers wondering how this could be essential to the big picture.

HAWKMAN FOUND #1 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Hawkman: Lost

Recently, DC fans had the exhilarating pleasure of reading BATMAN LOST #1, a spectacular issue that gave us some insight into Batman’s current mental state. HAWKMAN FOUND #1 seemed to exist only to teach readers about the beast seen at the end of DARK NIGHTS: METAL #4. We start off with a nightmare-ridden Carter Hall hiding in a cave. We’re unclear of where all this takes place, only it’s a mountainous landscape. Manhawks then swoop down and attack the people living nearby. The others in this strange and unknown land are presumably Carter Hall from different points in time.

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Carter makes his way up a mountain to get into the Manhawks’ ship. There, he finds familiar weapons, a selection of his signature maces. An alternate version of Hawkman attacks him, causing Carter to recall recent events. We learn that Carter answered a distress call from Challengers Mountains, where he crossed into the Dark Multiverse. He then stumbled into the Forge of Worlds and knew it was his destiny to be there. Unfortunately, the Manhawks took Carter from the Forge and into this new nightmare.

HAWKMAN FOUND #1 page 7. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Creator Choices

Overall, the issue doesn’t clear anything up with Carter or his connection to the monstrous Hawk-God we see at the end of METAL #4. HAWKMAN FOUND #1 really just goes in a full circle with a story that doesn’t seem necessary to the series. It’s very much a filler intermission issue to keep the METAL pumping. We don’t know why Carter was called to Challengers Mountain other than to answer an unknown distress call, or what the world he starts off on really is. After all, we last saw Hawkman attempting to take out Despero and ending up as a bag of bones at the end of DEATH OF HAWKMAN.

The ending could have been clearer with a better set up, rather than the many implications we were given. By basically being a counterpart to BATMAN LOST, the story had a high bar for clear and precise storytelling. Seeing that Hawkman was set aside for this one-shot, a bit more was expected from the story. Lemire’s pacing of the issue was great, but he should’ve gone deeper into this new universe he created.

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Although the story seems to lack in progression, the art is stunning. Brian Hitch is no small name in the industry. As the issue progresses his art just gets better and better. The flashback moments are some of the best panels in the book. It makes up for the dragged out story and added suspense where the narrative lacks. Overall, the art keeps the book in the same high standard as the rest of the METAL tie-ins.

HAWKMAN FOUND #1 page 18. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Flying Home

Overall, the issue wasn’t exactly what some might have expected. Of course, not all tie-ins are crucial or directly impactful to the main story. HAWKMAN FOUND #1 just seems completely unnecessary. We’ll have to see if it makes any difference for readers to remember the events here for DARK NIGHTS: METAL later. With a superteam working on the group as well, there was a much higher expectation. Along with that, every tie-in that has occurred in the METAL event has been impactful in some way. So, unfortunately, this falls pretty short and doesn’t seem to stand well on its own.

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