HAWKMAN #6 is an awesome issue. The artwork is larger than life, literally. Hawkman teaming up with his longtime ally, Atom, makes this issue worth reading.
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In HAWKMAN #6, Hawkman and Atom travel through the Microverse to find the Nth metal, the gravity-defying weapon that may defeat the deathbringers. Written by Robert Venditti, Hawkman continues his quest to uncover the truth about his reincarnations and the evil forces in his visions. Featuring the stunning artwork of Bryan Hitch, the characters come to life in this comic. With Atom and Hawkman working together again, HAWKMAN #6 is definitely worth checking out.

Traveling to Moz-Ga

We last left our heroes battling against a sentient planet. When they arrive in Moz-Ga, Atom, and Hawkman fight together against the sentient planet guarding the Nth metal. As Atom grows into gigantic proportions, he battles huge rock monsters conjured by the wizard who controls the planet.

Realizing the Nth metal is under the rocky surface, Hawkman smashes his mace against the ground to unearth it. When he digs deep enough, he finds a spaceship that belonged to one of his past lives. As Atom and Hawkman escape from Moz-Ga on this ship, they return to Palmer’s lab. Still determined to uncover his past, Carter Hall decides to continue his journey and asks his friend to come with him.

HAWKMAN #6 Page 1. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.
HAWKMAN #6 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

With danger lurking, Atom needs to stay to protect the Microverse. They must part ways. Sadly, the bromance has ended, for now. While on the ship, Hawkman sets his coordinates to an unknown location. Where is Hawkman traveling to next? Guess we will find out soon enough.

At the end of HAWKMAN #6, we catch another glimpse of the deathbringers. In the wake of destruction, planets are being obliterated. We also see another winged figure, calling for someone only known as the “great betrayer.” Who is this great betrayer? Is this man another one of Hawkman’s incarnations? The mystery continues in the next issue.

Larger Than Life Artwork

The amazing visuals in HAWKMAN #6 blew me away. Some of the double-page images are immersive and expansive, bringing the reader into the world of the comic. During the fight scene, the giant-sized Atom fighting stony Goliaths look so huge, like they will crash right through the panels. And while Hawkman smashes through rock to uncover the Nth metal, I could really feel the anger pulsing through him. It was such a powerful scene.

Also, the deathbringer’s shadows, backdropped by a red sky, is such an ominous picture. Frankly, I’m worried about what Hawkman has to go up against. All in all, the imagery in HAWKMAN #6 is stunning. This issue is worth reading for Bryan Hitch’s artwork alone.

HAWKMAN #6 Page 4-5. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.
HAWKMAN #6 pages 4 & 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Atom and Hawkman Bromance

Sometimes, the moral of friendship can come across kind of cheesy. In HAWKMAN #6, this isn’t the case. It’s awesome to see these former Justice League members fighting alongside one another again. Including Atom in this story was such a smart move on Robert Venditti’s part. Ray Palmer is the ally and supporter Hawkman needed during his journey. Towards the end of this issue, Atom and Hawkman must part ways.

As he leaves, Carter Hall shares a sentimental speech about how important Palmer’s friendship is to him. “When someone is your true friend, they become a part of you.” Knowing that Carter Hall will carry a piece of Ray Palmer while on his journey of self-discovery is a touching thought.

Final Thoughts on HAWKMAN #6

Overall, HAWKMAN #6 is a fantastic issue. Bryan Hitch’s artwork is so brilliant it cannot be contained in comic book panels. Visually, the battle sequence looks larger than life. Also, I enjoyed the writing by Robert Venditti in HAWKMAN #6. Bringing Atom, a longtime ally of Hawkman, into this storyline was perfect. Finally, Carter Hall has someone in his corner. Seriously, Atom and Hawkman make such a dynamic duo.

And on this issue, it’s heartwarming to see just how much their friendship means to him. My only concern about Venditti’s writing is the repetitive plot line. Unfortunately, it’s become routine for the hero to fight someone, then find the next clue. However, HAWKMAN #6 is still a great issue, absolutely a must read.

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