HAWKEYE #11 By Kelly Thompson, Leonardo Romero, and Jordie Bellaire
HAWKEYE #11 is the epic conclusion to this arc that we all wanted. It pits Kate Bishop against Madame Masque in this hilarious and awesome issue.
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Kelly Thompson, Leonardo Romero, and Jordie Bellaire’s HAWKEYE series is a comic book that has quietly been kicking ass since day one. There’s such a joy in reading an issue of Kate Bishop’s story that I find myself smiling while reading every page. HAWKEYE #11 100% continues this amazing trend by giving the readers a satisfying, hilarious, and surprisingly emotional conclusion to this arc.

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Hawk vs. Hawk

In the last issue, Madame Masque had cloned Kate Bishop and used that clone as an avatar to collect superpowers. Now, Kate Bishop heads to fight Madame Masque in a battle that pits the archer against herself.

HAWKEYE #11 pg. 14

This issue doesn’t take the whole clone thing extremely seriously. Kelly Thompson pokes fun at the idea through Kate’s witty speech and inner-monologues. Leonardo Romero and Jordie Bellaire only distinguish between the two Kate Bishops slightly, most obviously through the hairstyle. Otherwise, it just looks like two identical Kate Bishops are tussling in the middle of Hollywood. Clones in comic books are usually handled ridiculously and to see creators own the absurdity of this concept is very entertaining.

The Kate Bishop duel is more than just a funny spectacle in this issue. It represents the inner-turmoil and angst that Kate is feeling right now. After realizing that her father is a supervillain who may have been involved with her mother’s death, Kate was imprisoned by Madame Masque who then proceeded to nearly ruin all of Kate’s friendships. Because of all of this, it’s understandable that the usually jubilant Kate is a little down these days. This is why her battle with Madame Masque (posing as Kate) is so cathartic.The fight is a clever way for Thompson, Romero, and Bellaire to reflect all the conflict that Kate is feeling right now. By creating such a comedic scene while also playing off the themes of the story, Thompson, Romero, and Bellaire prove their genius in this issue.

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With A Little Help From My Friends

HAWKEYE establishes Kate Bishop in L.A., away from all of the superhero rumble of New York. Except for an appearance from Jessica Jones in HAWKEYE #5, this means that Hawkeye has to stand on her own, having no help from the Avengers or other preestablished allies. I think this is great because it allows Kate Bishop’s world with its fabulous supporting character to thrive on its own.

HAWKEYE #11 pg. 6. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

I particularly love the group of friends that Kate has established up to this issue. They are all just regular teenagers/young adults who enjoy Kate’s company and her drive to help the people of L.A. They also share Kate’s oddball sense of humor, deciding that “Or Something” will become their friend circle’s new catchphrase. Back this up with the inclusion of the famous Lucky the Pizza Dog, the greatest dog in the Marvel Universe (fight me, Lockjaw), and you have quite a supporting cast on your hands.

Art in HAWKEYE #11

Romero and Bellaire’s art in HAWKEYE #11 continues to be as delightful as ever. It fully represents Kate Bishop’s quirky humor and the amusing tone of the comic. My favorite panel overall has to be on page 5. Here Kate Bishop walks into the living room of “Madame Masque minions” as they hang around playing chess and lounging about. Their costumes look far from intimidating — in fact, they look incredibly dorky and idiotic in their matching black and white. This comic series has always had a playful tone with the henchmen, deriding the cliché that supervillains are somehow able to organize squads of subservient men to do their bidding without question. Then how are they rewarded for this service? By getting a horrible beating from the hero. I’d almost feel bad for these henchmen if I wasn’t laughing so hard.

HAWKEYE #11 pg. 5. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

I also really appreciate how the comic can switch instantly from a very comical scene to one showing Kate Bishop as the badass she is. The depiction of the action is the best it ever has been in this series. We get to see Kate in an intense and fast pace brawl with Masque’s henchmen. I love the choreography of this sequence as Kate’s kicks, jumps, and punches all have a unique rhythm to them. It’s an electrifying experience to see this action unfold so fluidly over the page.

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Final Thoughts

HAWKEYE has been amazing through and through, and HAWKEYE #11 is no exception. It’s one of the most hilarious, thoughtful, and kickass comics that Marvel has put out recently. It concluded this arc on such a high note that if you were to tell me (god forbid) that I would never have another HAWKEYE comic ever again, I would be happy knowing that we at least had this issue. Nonetheless, I hope that Thompson, Romero, and Bellaire can continue this fantastic series for as long as they want!

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