HAWKEYE #10 arrives as a solid addition to the series, building on the suspense of the previous issue. An installment filled with deception and action, it helps expand on the end of Kate Bishop’s arc involving her family and their shady dealings. There is a twist, however, and it’s how the issue shows the perspective of not one, but two Kates. What ensues is a chapter filled with action and a different energy to it. A near flawless combination of art and storytelling makes HAWKEYE #10 a brilliant edition.

Following last issue’s cliffhanger, we find Kate trying to have a surprising night on the town with her friends. But throughout the tale, something seems off with the hero, and it’s very apparent to her friends and the reader. It’s just one big step to a final confrontation between Kate and her nemesis, Madame Masque. The issue works hard at keeping you interested with the turn of events, and it leads to a satisfying payoff and segue into the next chapter.

HAWKEYE #10 Turns You Upside Down

Writer Kelly Thompson cleverly tells HAWKEYE’S story from a new perspective. In this case, it all stems from Kate’s friends, along with her mysterious demeanor. While it’s obvious that Kate has been replaced with someone, the attitude change challenges the comic’s status quo and dynamics. Her actions, such as having her kiss her friends Quinn and Johnny, while not her fault, will affect future issues. It’s interesting to see how an imposter deals with Kate’s superhero antics, adding a different comedic flair to the action.

Image from HAWKEYE #10, courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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Meanwhile, the real Kate is fending off Madame Masque’s henchmen, fueled by her determination to seek answers. Her part in the story is short, but necessary, with her combat and monologue an amazing foil to the imposter. Both events run side by side, and it creates a strong narrative that will help build to the end of the title’s initial arc.

The Art of HAWKEYE

The art for HAWKEYE #10 is once again expertly handled by artist Leonardo Romero and colorist Jordie Bellaire. The team knocks it out of the park for the club scenes in particular. Each panel for the setting feels close and intimate, with shots of party goers and tight spaces adding to the effect of LA nightlife. Bellaire’s use of color here is key, adding a trippy feel as our characters deal with the imposter Kate and her questionable actions. The body language and expressions of the imposter make you visually believe that all is not what it seems for our hero, with the art working flawlessly alongside with Thompson’s script.

Image from HAWKEYE #10, courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The fight scenes in the issue truly shine as well, showing off the different styles and attitudes of both Kates. Imposter Kate’s battle with Oddball in the nightclub is high octane, with each combatant matching each other’s movements. Each movement from the imposter feels vicious and unrelenting, vastly different from the scenes we’re used to seeing with Kate. Meanwhile, our hero faces off against Madame Masque’s goons, but here her moves feel more precise and calculated than usual. This matches well with the story and Kate’s attitude, as you can feel the determination and anger stemming from each hit.

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Catch it While You Can

HAWKEYE #10 is a fun installment to the series, with twists and action to keep you enthralled. This tale of two Kate Bishops challenges expectations and norms for the series and the conclusion will keep you focused for the next issue. HAWKEYE, in general, is a treasure that should be sought out, so pick it up if you get the chance.

HAWKEYE #10 is an excellent chapter, playing with dual perspectives that add to an already engaging story for our hero.
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