Hats by Aaron Berke

ComicsVerse proudly presents HATS, an original short film written, directed, and edited by our very own Aaron Berke. The film has played at the Big Apple Film Festival in New York City and the Garden State Film Festival in Atlantic City. HATS will remain on the festival circuit through 2018, with more major screenings to come.


HATS Film Synopsis:

Crossing the street one day, a man and a woman lock eyes and find an instant connection. They make a date with each other, and head home happily. But passing by their reflections, they realize just how ordinary they appear.

Afraid they’ll never be able to impress each other, they walk away disenchanted… until they stumble upon an innocent looking sign: ‘Hat Sale!’ As

HATS is a silent film that merges black and white with color. It’s inspired by the classic films of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, and the modern short films of Pixar. HATS is a romantic fantasy about the world we live in, and the hats we all wear to disguise who we really are.


Director’s Statement:

HATS explores notions of conformity and self expression. Utilizing the method of silent filmmaking, HATS is a visual journey through both black and white and color. The film pays homage to a by-gone age of filmmaking, while addressing very modern concerns about society.

Through this meeting ground of classical filmmaking and modern storytelling, I hope to tell a unique story. It’s a tale about the hats we all wear; the impulse to hide oneself in the extravagance of illusion, and the catharsis of meeting a kindred spirit — someone who takes you by the hand and says, “It’s okay to be you.”

I sincerely hope you enjoy watching the film. It’s been a 2 year labor of love from start to finish. I’m incredibly excited to bring HATS to the diverse and sophisticated audience of ComicVerse.

-Aaron N. Berke




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