Early this morning, footage of what appears to be a HARRY POTTER RPG began to circulate online. It was only a matter of minutes before social media erupted with news of the leak.

I actually woke up to this news, my twitter account bombarded by excited friends. But can I blame them? People have been asking for a game like this since I was a kid. Every HARRY POTTER fan dreams of creating their own character and exploring the legendary school of Hogwarts.

But amidst all the hype, it’s easy to lose the plot. What do we actually know about this game? And who’s making it? Why are people so excited? Well, let’s take a look!

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Breaking Down The Leak

So what features can we pick out from this grainy, shaky footage?

Character Creation

Well first off, we caught a glimpse of character creation. As you’d expect, you can change your face, eyes, skin, and hair. It also seems you can change your height and body type as well. You might have noticed a few extra tabs on the screen. It’s hard to tell what they represent, but one of them looks like the Sorting Hat.

Does this mean we get to choose our own house? How will that affect the gameplay?

Harry Potter RPG
Please let me be a Slytherin. Image courtesy of trendosaurus.in

Character creation is important, but what do you actually do in the game? How do you shape your character beyond his basic appearance?

Well according to the leak, the player can attend classes, or at least participate in some way. We don’t know how this will work, but we can clearly see the player crafting potions. I want to know how these classes intersect with the gameplay, and how they affect the progression of your character. Are these just linear, scripted scenes? Or dynamic, interactive activities? Is this how you level up?


As for the game world, we get some clips of what appears to be Hogsmead, the town just outside of Hogwarts. We also get a few shots of the school, the grounds, and some dark ruins as well. It’s too early to say if this will be an open world, but it seems exploration will be an important factor.


But let’s cut to the chase. What’s the magic like?

You may have noticed some familiar spells in the video, which are used for both combat and utility. The player uses lumos to light up a room, stupefy to attack enemies, and expulso to cause a massive explosion. I also noticed alohamora, a lock picking spell. This makes me wonder how open ended the game will be. Will this spell open up alternative paths? Will there be penalties for trespassing?

Either way, I’m glad to see some non-combat spells in the mix. In many RPGs, magic is stripped down to fireballs and shields. The best magic systems include all sorts of effects that allow you to accomplish tasks in unconventional ways. I’m eager to see how the spells from the books are implemented in the game.

Harry Potter RPG Leak
There’s so many spells to choose from. These are just a few. Image courtesy of WordPress.

If we’re to believe the UI, then you can have three spells equipped at a time and can switch between them on the fly. All of this is very early, however, and we still don’t know how many spells you can use in total.

Destructible Environments

One thing that caught my eye was the destructible environments. When the player casts expulso, debris flies everywhere, stone breaks apart and turns into deadly shrapnel. At one point, the player destroys a ruined pillar, which sends the roof crashing down on some enemies.

I love magic in RPGs. If a game gives me an option, I’m always picking the mage. But magic often feels underwhelming, like I’m just pelting flaming baseballs at my enemies. In a HARRY POTTER game, where magic is the focus, there needs to be some real feedback to your spells. Something to make you feel like a truly powerful wizard. Destructible environments are a step in the right direction.

Who’s Making It?

That’s the big question. We know Warner Brothers owns the HARRY POTTER license, so we can assume they’ll be publishing the game. But who’s gonna make it?

Well according to a leaked job description, Avalanche Software is looking for a Senior Writer familiar with “British culture” specializing in both comedy and drama. In 2016, Warner Brothers bought Avalanche from Disney. Since then, they’ve mostly kept their heads down. Is this their next big project?

Some assume that Rocksteady is behind the game. As cool as that would be, I haven’t found any evidence. Only time will tell.

At Long Last

People have been asking for a game like this forever. Hell, I made a video on the topic years ago.

HARRY POTTER was made to be an RPG. These games exist to immerse you in another world. They allow you to create your own adventures, to live a life within your favorite franchise. That’s every HARRY POTTER fan’s dream.

The Wizarding World is the perfect setting for a video game. It’s full of lore, interesting places, various factions, and endless opportunities for adventure. And yet for years, we’ve been stuck with shoddy mobile games and CALL OF DUTY clones.

Never forgive. Never forget. Image courtesy of Warner Brothers.

Books and movies can only do so much. At some point, I want to step into the world; I want to make my own story. RPGs provide a level of depth and immersion you can’t find anywhere else. HARRY POTTER deserves an RPG.

If this leak is real, if Warner Brothers is truly making a HARRY POTTER RPG, then this could breath new life into the franchise. It could expand the world in ways we’ve never seen before. It could attract new fans to the series, and bring old fans back into the fold.

A lot of people have been waiting for this game. Now it’s up to Warner Brothers to deliver.


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