The last few issues of HARLEY QUINN have been a breakneck rush towards last issue’s tragic ending. HARLEY QUINN #32 begins slower, in a sort of calm at the center of the storm, a storm which very quickly begins to unleash its fury. The mayor’s men capture Quinn and Sinn, and Harley is mad.

Harley and the Mayor of New York feud for the duration of her entire REBIRTH series. He’s tried to kill her several times. Things came to a head when she entered the mayoral race, however. From hiring supervillains to flat-out murder, there’s nothing the Mayor wouldn’t do to stay in power. But in killing Mason Macabre, he went too far, and there will be hell to pay.

Game On!

Harley barely needed an excuse to go after this guy, but he gave her a damn good one anyway. I don’t see how this ends any way other than his death, but I hope Harley finds a way. Her character growth is one of the best things to come out of DC Comics in recent years. She’s in a better place now, both personally and publicly, and to have her ruin all that would be a final victory for the corrupt Mayor. She’s Harley, so whatever happens is going to be bloody, vengeful, unexpected, and spectacular.

Speaking of spectacle, HARLEY QUINN #32 contains some incredibly nuanced art that enhances, what seems like, an incredible story!

The preview for HARLEY QUINN #32 leaves me incredibly excited about whatever direction the story takes next. The fallout from this arc will be a glorious mess, and I can’t wait to watch Harley clean it up with her usual tact.

HARLEY QUINN #32 comes out Wednesday, November 22nd. Until then, catch up on the “Vote Harley” arc or whet your appetite with the preview below!

HARLEY QUINN #32 Full Preview

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