ComicsVerse is happy to bring you an exclusive preview of DC Comics‘ HARLEY QUINN #20, which brings together a number of plotlines that have been building in the background of previous arcs. We get a little bit of Harley Sinn, a promise of future Bat-Gladiators, and the next chapter of the “Harley Loves Joker” story. The issue opens with a bit of wrap up as Harley holds a funeral for the homeless people eaten by cannibals from the last arc. It was about as wild as it sounds, so catch up if you haven’t been reading HARLEY QUINN.

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HARLEY QUINN #20: Harley Sinn

After the funeral, Harley moves on to tend to Red Tool’s injuries. She’s already stressed with everything going on, especially the impending visit from her parents, so she doesn’t take kindly to Sinn’s call. She answers the blocked number like we all wish we could, with a prank. They soon devolve into bickering over the usual stuff, like who’s supposed to be in psychiatric care. Haven’t we all had that fight at some point?

Harley then puts the other Harley on hold to kick Red Tool out, before resuming being threatened. It seems like it was less of a threat than a notification though. After Harley Sinn tells Quinn about her kidnappings, she just hangs up. She gives no indication of what she wants. As a result, we the reader are left to wonder about her plans. That’s when the preview for the main story ends, so we’ll all have to wait to see where it takes us. Since it’s HARLEY QUINN, I have no doubt it’ll come to a high-brow comedic resolution.

HARLEY QUINN #20: Bat-Gladiator

Ok, so I lied a teensy bit. We don’t actually see the Bat-Gladiator-Lady in the preview, but if the cover page and title are any indications, she’ll be showing up sooner rather than later. I’m incredibly curious to know why she’s after Harley and to see what time-travel hijinks will ensue.

HARLEY QUINN #20: Harley Loves Joker

The preview also gives us a peek at part four of “Harley Loves Joker,” the more classic Harley story. It’s set in the past when Harley was still running with Joker. Personally, I’m a fan of Harley’s growth and separation from Mr. J, so I didn’t need this tale. Even still, I’ll admit it’s great fun and a real nod to her origin. We don’t get much info in the preview, just some classic Harley/Joker scenes.

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All in all, the preview promises a fun read, and I’m excited to see where each of these plot threads, present or promised, is going to take us. Make sure to pick up your copy of HARLEY QUINN #2o when it hits shelves Wednesday, May 17th!

HARLEY QUINN #20 Full Preview

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