HARLEY AND IVY MEET BETTY AND VERONICA #2 by Marc Andreyko, Paul Dini, and Laura Braga
A fun story featuring iconic comic book characters any fan shouldn't miss. With classic comic book style illustrations, it's a must-read for any fans of DC or Archie.
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A Meeting of the Minds
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Halloween parties always seem to have some kind of shenanigans going down. With everyone dressed up as their favorite monster or character, people take this new identity as an excuse to really act crazy. Though, no partier will ever top the shenanigans Harley and Ivy cause in HARLEY AND IVY MEET BETTY AND VERONICA #2 by Marc AndreykoPaul Dini, and Laura Braga. So forget your costume woes of yesteryear, these gals got you beat!

The True Horror of Matching Costumes in HARLEY AND IVY MEET BETTY AND VERONICA #2

Trouble arises at Veronica’s costume party when two mysterious women dress in the same costumes as Betty and Veronica. While the two Riverdale teens might be pretending they’re Gotham City Sirens, the crashers actually are! Amidst this drama, a new threat lingers in Gotham City. The villainous Lenny the Lamprey and his associates want Ivy and Harley to pay for crossing them.

HARLEY AND IVY MEET BETTY AND VERONICA #2 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

This issue is just plain silly. If you couldn’t tell by the names of the people going up against Ivy and Harley, the creators seemed to want to make as nonsensical a story as possible. As a result, the trouble that goes down at the party appears a lot more playful than usual. For example; Reggie, dressed as the Joker, gets hit with Harley’s mallet. Instead of people gasping in shock and trying to assist him, he just smiles in that “classic cartoon” kind of way and exclaims; “what a girl!” Even Selina Kyle gets in on the action as she shows up to the Lodge’s party not to steal from them, but to enjoy the musical stylings of Josie and the Pussycats.

Since this story presents itself in such a ridiculous manner, the point of why Harley and Ivy go to the Lodge’s party ( to kidnap Veronica) gets lost in the shuffle. We spend more time enjoying the costumes of the attendees and the drama caused by two sets of girls dressing the same than worrying for Veronica’s safety. That by no means should detract from one’s enjoyment of this comic. HARLEY AND IVY MEET BETTY AND VERONICA #2 takes the ridiculous premise to the extreme. The two groups seem to recognize the other and a little rivalry started to brew.

A Group Ensemble

While Betty and Veronica are the main Riverdale players of the comic, they are not the only ones to make an appearance. Sabrina the Teenage Witch does some magic with Zatanna in a few enjoyable scenes. Archie and Jughead have a couple fun moments together in their respective costumes. In short, the party does feel like an actual party that Riverdale would have. Even though the style of the art looks similar to a DC comic, it’s grounded in Riverdale’s reality.

HARLEY AND IVY MEET BETTY AND VERONICA #2 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Laura Braga’s art really adds some nice variety to the standard look of the Archie characters. What’s more, the look of the party makes it seem like they’re actually teenagers. They look more mature than usual with guys and girls alike interacting like normal teens versus the much more “family friendly” look Archie Comics get labeled with. My one genuine complaint comes with the character designs of the four main girls. As the reader, I couldn’t tell either pair apart from one another. I know that we’re supposed to be confused at one point,but when Harley and Ivy change into the same costumes as Betty and Veronica, the action made it too confusing to focus on either pair. Their different manners of speaking helped some but ultimately didn’t feel like enough.

The Monster Mash

Overall, HARLEY AND IVY MEET BETTY AND VERONICA #2 is good Halloween fun. Sometimes, reveling in the silliness of a comic book premise is enough to thoroughly enjoy a work. While nothing life changing, it’s fun and endearing and a must-read for fans of either property.

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