What if YOU could take over the consciousness of someone to save the world? Welcome to HARDCORE #1, where Agent Drake will be someone else to save himself. Alessandro Vitti's art uses action to jump off the page.
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What if you had the ability to take over the body of anyone on earth? And what if you could use that power to take out someone plotting a terrorist attack? Or maybe a corrupt political figure? Sounds cool, right? It was for Agent Drake, until someone hijacked the system. The term, “you are not quite yourself today,” takes on a whole new meaning in HARDCORE #1.

Agent Drake will have to literally put someone else’s best foot forward to figure out who hacked the system and to save his own life. From the creative minds of Robert Kirkman (THE WALKING DEAD) and Marc Silvestri (THE DARKNESS) comes HARDCORE #1. Writer Andy Diggle and artist Alessandro Vitti bring this unique vision to life and it gets hardcore!


Drake is a drone pilot for a secret government project called the Hardcore Program. Intel selects a suitable host for his mission and inserts a remote neural bypass into the unsuspected victim. Once the implant connects to the host’s central nervous system, Drake can take over the consciousness of that person. But when someone compromises the program, Drake becomes neurologically stuck in the body of a drug general’s second in command.

Hardcore #1
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To make matters worse, Drake only has seventy-two hours to figure out a way back to his body. Otherwise, the implant biodegrades and he dies.

Does it Live up to the Hype?

Comic writer Andy Diggle understands how to make action comics. With HARDCORE #1, he explores a plot that shows what happens when technology falls into the wrong hands. The story moves along swiftly and never has a dull moment. If you’re a fan of Diggle’s past works, like THIEF OF THIEVES or THE LOSERS, you’re going to love this story.

Hardcore #1
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Not much detail is given about protagonist Drake in the first issue. Diggle provides small glimpses into Drake’s personality, showing us who Drake is through his actions. First and foremost, he’s a soldier. Second, a man who is doing his part to keep the natural established balance of good in the world. He seems like a bit of a loner, isolating himself from the world — yet he’s connected to his community. Drake also proves he is a man with compassion. He demonstrates this with his interactions with neighbors.

HARDCORE #1 is appealing because of how Vitti’s art style reads like a good 90’s action flick. The story definitely reminds me of some of my favorite films. THE MATRIX, AVATAR, and MINORITY REPORT are just a few that come to mind. The only thing I was missing while reading it was a coke and some popcorn.

The Finesse of Alessandro Vitti

If the point of the artwork in HARDCORE #1 is to be in your face, gritty, and have intense detailing, then artist Alessandro Vitti has struck gold. Vitti’s pencil work is always phenomenal, whether it is mastering the boardroom action fights or the detail on the machinery for the HARDCORE program. The reader will go back for another glance at his attention to detail for anatomy and his actions sequences. I also love how he uses shadow and shading to create such rich depth to his artwork.

Hardcore #1
Image courtesy of Image Comics

HARDCORE #1 is a fun and interesting read. Diggle and Vitti, with creative genius’s Robert Kirkman and Marc Silvestri, have a hit on their hands. I can’t wait to see what decisive actions Agent Drake endures next. Diggle’s work has made it to the silver screen before, when THE LOSERS became a theatrical release. This first issue makes me think lightning will strike twice. HARDCORE is definitely the kind of story I like to read, and I implore you to do the same.

Be sure to reserve HARDCORE #1 when it December 19th at your local comic book store!  If you’re more into digital copies, reserve your issue here!

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