Halloween may be over, but the chill of November is still the perfect time for chilling reads. In Thom Burgess’ and Izzy Stanic’s HALLOWS FELL, we follow a businessman in need of some serious karma. A night of drinks and complaining about his wife-to-be turns into a mad dash to get home when Simon realizes he isn’t alone in the creepy countryside. In his quest to return to his fiancé, he meets a rather unwelcome spirit in the form of a decaying bride who plans on making him hers forever.

Very Superstitious

Based on the eerie reports and myths of Kent’s Blue Bell Hill bride ghost, HALLOWS FELL utilizes the unnerving atmosphere that often surrounds such ghostly tales. Many have reported the specter of a woman jumping out in front of cars or standing at the edge of the road, waiting for a ride. This story may sound familiar, a bride-to-be who meets her fate before the big day, doomed to roam backcountry roads. HALLOWS FELL takes this popular ghost story and adds a twist: you probably won’t be rooting for the main character until it’s too late.

Hallows Fell
Image courtesy of Thom Burgess

Simon is a shady businessman who believes his biggest problem is his “nagging” wife. But little does he know, his lying and cheating won’t come without a price. And though Simon is an unlikable character at first, you may begin to feel some pity for him by the end, especially when you see what he’s up against.

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Izzy Stanic’s ominous style perfectly captures the mood of the story. The black and white pages, with heavy contrast and deep blacks, plunges readers into the world right from the start. The sketchy lines and setting also create dynamic illustrations that flow from panel to panel. The setting itself, with jagged tree limbs and long, empty roads is perfect for creating a sense of being watched from every angle.

hallows fell
Image courtesy of Thom Burgess

The bride is also captured well, a terrifying ghoul of a creature that barely seems human. Though she speaks, the creepy font on the page implies an otherworldly voice that sends chills down your spine. This ghost is the kind you’d expect to see in SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK, with her blackened teeth and soulless eyes, a cautionary tale for those who dare to drive too late at night. I’ll just say, I wouldn’t recommend reading this before bed.

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Morality in HALLOWS FELL

Thom Burgess is no newcomer to horror, and HALLOWS FELL demonstrates this familiarity with the genre. And if there’s one thing that makes horror interesting, it’s grey areas. Even though Simon is decidedly snake-like, he does show that he’s not entirely awful, as few people are. However, his remorse for thinking ill of his fiancé might not stick. The other characters in the story are fairly minor, but they do show realistic reactions to Simon’s fear. These reactions involve kicking him out of their vehicle or thinking he’s had too much to drink. Not only is Simon running from something he can never escape, he’s dealing with skepticism as well. To me, having nobody to believe you is just as horrifying.

hallows fell
Image courtesy of Thom Burgess

HALLOWS FELL is an excellent one-shot that keeps you on your toes. Supernatural stories may be abundant, but Burgess adds new flavor to the recipe. And Stanic’s illustrations might make you think twice about taking a night stroll. I’d definitely recommend this comic to anyone who enjoys the paranormal and haunting folklore.

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HALLOWS FELL by Thom Burgess and Izzy Stanic
In HALLOWS FELL, Thom Burgess and Izzy Stanic create a chilling atmosphere by playing off of popular ghost lore and nightmarish imagery.
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a ghoulish success

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