HALLOWEEN MAN: HALLOWTIDE PART 1 by Drew Edwards, Lucho Inzunza, and April Guadiana
HALLOWEEN MAN: HALLOWTIDE Part 1 is the start to an awesome two part story. Drew Edwards brings us a fully rounded and involved version of Halloween that is sure to compel you to keep reading. Lucho Inzunza and April Guadiana's art compliments and furthers his story by building tension and keeping us on edge. Although I wish I knew more about other characters, this story arc is sure to give you the Halloween chills.
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Halloween is Made Special
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With Halloween just around the corner, there is no better way to celebrate than by reading HALLOWEEN MAN. Lucky for us, writer Drew Edwards has a new leg of the adventure started! The story of the kind, half-dead hero continues with HALLOWEEN MAN: HALLOWTIDE Part 1. This new arc to the HALLOWEEN MAN series is sure to bring you chills and thrills!

In part 1 of this 2 issue story arc, we get to see more of Halloween Man and his wonderful lady love, Lucy Chaplin. We also catch up with some other characters, Nickodemis Mousefriend and Morlack. Chandra Free’s cover for this issue is sure to catch your attention. And with art by Lucho Inzunza and April Guadiana, the story is well rounded and is the perfect way to celebrate the season!

Halloween Man: Hallowtide
Image courtesy of Sugar Skull Media


HALLOWEEN MAN: HALLOWTIDE begins in Solar City, where civilians are celebrating the holiday. Eager Rocky Horror fans attend a local movie theater screening a Science Fiction double feature. Little do they realize their own night will end in horror and death at the claws of a killer. The city’s most popular hero, Mr. Maximum, cannot handle the sight of the slashed and massacred people. He suggests there’s only one person that can catch this murderer: Halloween Man!

Halloween Man (AKA Solomon Hitch) is handing out candy with his lovely girlfriend, Lucy Chaplin, when wizard Morlack arrives with news of the tragedy. Resolving to catch the killer, Hitch and Chaplin enlist the help of Nickodemis Mousefriend, who owns an occult bookstore owner. With their research, Hitch believes he knows who the culprit is. However, this fiend proves that maybe he’s too much for Hitch to handle alone.

The story is just as capturing as any other HALLOWEEN MAN in the series. It’s perfect for the season and even illuminates some of Halloween’s history. With mentions of Spring-heeled Jack, Hallowtide, and Jack the Ripper, we have a story that will put you in a spooky mood.

Halloween Man: Hallowtide
Image courtesy of Sugar Skull Media


Spotlight on Morlack and Nickodemis

Halloween Man and Lucy have become fully rounded characters throughout the series. Seasoned readers will know who these characters are. This time Morlack and Nickodemis share some of the character-building spotlight.

Morlack helped create Halloween Man as we know him. But as an ally, he has proven himself to be a little unreliable. After a battle with the villain, Morlack retrieves Halloween Man’s severed head and body. This leads Halloween Man to experience some horrifying hallucinations. All the while, Morlack is entertained by Halloween Man’s panic. Although Morlack reattaches Halloween Man’s head, Morlack prioritizes “getting trashed” while poor Halloween Man is experiencing some terrible hallucinations. Morlack shows his lack of responsibility towards helping Halloween Man throughout the issue. Every time Halloween Man is pushed into a corner, Morlack is there to help, but only to an extent.

Nickodemis Mousefriend, by contrast, does his best to help Halloween Man and Lucy. Mousefriend opens up his occult store for the couple to start their research. He proves himself to be a benefit to the team by giving as much information to Halloween Man as possible. We also see Mousefriend and Morlack bouncing ideas about immortality back and forth together. This gives the reader more scope in where the comic’s antagonist may or may not have come from. It also gives us a better perspective on who Halloween Man’s allies are and how they think.

Although the overall development of characters is good, I was eager to get more information about the story’s baddie. Anything that was revealed so far about the villain was pure speculation. While I appreciate the mystery, I would have liked to have seen more about who they were up against. Hopefully, there will be more to the villain when Part 2 finishes this story.

Halloween Man: Hallowtide
Image courtesy of Sugar Skull Media

Art that Creeps up on You

April Guadiana’s coloring perfectly compliments Lucho Inzuna’s art style. This dynamic duo furthers Edward’s narrative and gives readers something to look forward to. Their work builds up the tension and readily lets us have it when tragedy strikes.

One of the best examples of the art and coloring working together is the opening scene. Inzunza uses shadow and quick glimpses of the villain as a way to build the tension in the scene. Claws drag across cement and windows, leaving carved marks all along the wall. If that’s what these claws can do to stone and glass, what terrible things can they do to human flesh? We follow the perspective of these claws as they approach the unsuspecting crowd at the cinema. It filled me with a sense of dread.

April Guadiana follows Inzunza’s art with bold colors. The use of bold colors to contrast the dark themes of the story gives readers a sense of hope. A good portion of the story contains dark content, the colors serve to remind us that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. It also highlights instances, such as the claws dragging across the glass. We can tell which parts are imprints from the claws, yet the window’s sheen is still present. Moreover, the coloring gives us hope that Halloween Man can defeat evil. Izunza and Guadiana’s work together on this create a whole image of what Halloween Man is experiencing.

All of this is emphasized with Chandra Free’s cover. With teeth that encompass Halloween Man and Lucy, we’re not sure if the couple will make it out alive. Free does an amazing job covering what this story arc will be about, and it is sure to grab your attention!


The adventures of Halloween Man continue! HALLOWTIDE continues expanding on the heroes mythos and world building. It also acts as a standalone so you don’t have to have read any other stories to get it (though I would highly recommend you should).

Just as Chandra Free’s cover conveys, the story gives us an adventure that is ready to eat Halloween Man and Lucy alive. The story Drew Edwards gives us is evenly matched with Lucho Izunza and April Guadiana’s art. Halloween Man and Lucy Chaplin are two of my favorite characters and the creative team absolutely nails their latest adventure. Be sure to check out some of Drew Edwards’ other work!

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