The production of the new GREEN LANTERN CORPS movie has been on indefinite hold since its announcement in 2014. However, with the critical success of more nuanced superhero movies such as AQUAMAN and SHAZAM!, a rebooted Green Lantern film becomes more and more of an actual possibility. Let’s take a look at what a new Green Lantern movie should include, and why Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern should share the spotlight in the new film. 

Who’s Who in the Green Lantern Corps

Before we move too far into discussing the movie, here’s a quick reminder of some core Green Lantern Corps members.

Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan is probably the most “popular” Corps members as he is responsible for the revitalization of the Green Lantern persona during DC’s Silver Age. Originally a fighter pilot, Jordan was chosen to be Earth’s Green Lantern. Hal’s story has already been told on the big screen, so here’s to hoping the new movie will focus on other Lanterns such as…

hal jordan, green lantern corps
Courtesy of DC Entertainment

Guy Gardner

Guy Gardner: another Corps member that hails from planet Earth. Gardner was originally conceived as Hal Jordan’s “back-up,” deemed the “second-most worthy” human to wield a Green Lantern ring. In the comics, Gardner often struggles with the fact that he is considered “lesser” than Hal. It would be awesome to see GREEN LANTERN CORPS tackle Gardner’s big ego and his contention with other Corps members.

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart also hails from Earth. Stewart’s character was created in the early 70s, and he was DC’s first black superhero. Jon Stewart became Hal Jordan’s “back-up” Lantern after the original “back-up,” Guy Gardner, was involved in an accident.  Stewart is featured prominently in the early 2000s JUSTICE LEAGUE animated series. Known for his rebellious disposition towards authority, Stewart will definitely have a unique and strong presence in GREEN LANTERN CORPS.

Moving on…

Now that you know a little about the main players, let’s take a look at how they might be incorporated into the new film!

What Green Lantern (2011) Taught Us

GREEN LANTERN (2011) was… quite a mixed bag. It tried to incorporate too many elements of Green Lantern lore without properly contextualizing those elements. The 2011 movie followed the adventures of Hal Jordan. Since Hal Jordan’s character hails from Earth, most of the 2011 film took place on Earth. We didn’t spend enough time with other Green Lanterns on the planet Oa; their role in the film felt sidelined and inconsequential. GREEN LANTERN CORPS should differ from GREEN LANTERN (2011) in that its focus should be on the Green Lantern team.

GREEN LANTERN (2011) turned the classic space-cop adventure vibe of the comics into a more straightforward, superhero origin story. A staple of the Green Lantern mythos is its wide-ranging team of aliens and humans alike. Unexpected duos partner up to solve intergalactic crimes and mysteries. GREEN LANTERN (2011) is the simple tale of one hero — Hal Jordan — who receives powers and saves the world. GREEN LANTERN CORPS has the opportunity to tell a wacky, never-before-seen space opera tale with an eccentric crew of aliens and humans.

While made all the way back in 2011, GREEN LANTERN relied heavily on CGI. Often, entire sequences of the film were fully animated. Of course, current superhero films use an abundance of CGI, but the CGI of early 2011 is not nearly as convincing. GREEN LANTERN’s authenticity suffered greatly from an overuse of CGI that just wasn’t quite there yet. The movie featured many elaborate CGI renderings, but some of these renderings had no grounding in real life. Many effects came off as cheesy or “fake” looking:

hal jordan, green lantern corps
Courtesy of DC Entertainment

An Emphasis on the CORPS

Part of the beauty of the Green Lantern mythos is its inclusivity to all kinds of creatures and beings. A movie about Hal Jordan on Earth is not nearly as interesting as a movie about, say, Hal Jordan leaving Earth to save an alien planet with a group of extraterrestrial Lanterns. 

Geoff Johns is slated to pen the GREEN LANTERN CORPS script. Therefore, we should definitely expect to see inspiration from his Green Lantern comics run. Johns has expressed emphasis on redefining the “Corps” aspect of this new movie. It would be amazing to see the inclusion of the Emotional Spectrum in the new movie. Some of my favorite Green Lantern lore comes from the “Unliving” Black Lantern Corps storyline:

hal jordan, green lantern corps
Courtesy of DC Entertainment

Geoff Johns and the DCEU have the opportunity to explore the Green Lantern’s complex comics’ mythos on the big screen. They can use strange, unexpected storylines — like the Black Lantern Corps or the Indigo Tribe. These storylines will surprise the average movie-goer and excite the die-hard comic book fan.  

Jon Stewart + Hal Jordan = Best Buddy Cop Duo Yet?

Geoff Johns’ production house, Mad Ghost Productions, has officially announced the inclusion of Jon Stewart in GREEN LANTERN CORPS. Since Jon Stewart is mentioned in the preliminary synopsis for the film, it’s fair to reason the movie will be focused equally on Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart. Going the “buddy cop” route for this film is absolutely the right choice. Using a duo of lanterns, with John Stewart as the “hothead newbie” and Hal Jordan as the “tired veteran,” would make for a wonderful story anchored around a pair of heartfelt characters. The tried and true “buddy cop” formula has spawned hits like SEVEN, LETHAL WEAPON,  48 HOURS, and THE OTHER GUYS, so who’s to say it wouldn’t work for GREEN LANTERN CORPS?

Kilowog and His Chance to Shine

Kilowog is a Bolovaxian alien who is in charge of training rookie Corps members. While featured in GREEN LANTERN (2011), Kilowog was criminally under-utilized, with this training montage being his only memorable scene. With the exponential improvement of CGI since 2011, Kilowog could be an essential character in a GREEN LANTERN CORPS film. Like Hulk, Kilowog can fill the role of that big-budget, crowd-pleasing, CGI character. Kilowog is also a character that could have his own film series down the line: as CGI becomes more and more apparent in the industry, so too will stories centered around CGI characters.

hal jordan, green lantern corps
Courtesy of DC Entertainment

A Lantern Franchise

If the DCEU tackles GREEN LANTERN CORPS correctly, it’s possible that the movie could spawn a franchise of successful Green Lantern stories. Similar to how the success of AQUAMAN green-lit a TRENCH spin-off, GREEN LANTERN CORPS could be the start of a DCEU Green Lantern universe. Using GREEN LANTERN CORPS to spotlight other key Lanterns besides Hal Jordan would be an excellent choice for the expansion of the DCEU.

A Green Lantern universe has incredible potential. Because the Green Lantern mythos is so vast, the DCEU has the rare opportunity to make a mini-universe within their larger extended universe. So much of the comics’ storylines are built around the fact that there are thousands of Lanterns and hundreds of different groups of Lanterns. Therefore, it would make perfect sense to start with an ensemble movie — GREEN LANTERN CORPS — and then move on to make a universe of solo Green Lantern movies. 

And Possibly… a Sinestro Trilogy?

One specific Green Lantern story that I would love to see the DCEU take on is that of Sinestro’s. Sinestro’s arc is tragic, dramatic, and absolutely worthy of its own series of movies. Creating a solo movie for a character who starts out noble only to become corrupted would be a very fresh take on the superhero story. Currently, comic book movies dominate the Hollywood market, and DC producing a movie about how the “good guy” turns “bad” would definitely give Marvel Studios a run for its money.

After his solo outing, it would be wicked fun to follow Sinestro over a trilogy of movies. In my mind, the first movie would focus on his Green Lantern days. At the end of it, Sinestro would betray the Green Lanterns. The second movie would deal with Sinestro’s founding of Sinestro Corps. Finally, the third would be Sinestro’s inevitable redemption and return to the Green Lantern Corps, a la Geoff Johns’ “War of the Green Lanterns” storyline.

hal jordan, green lantern corps
Courtesy of DC Entertainment

Thanks Hal, but Move Over!

Hal Jordan had his time in the spotlight during 2011’s GREEN LANTERN. Now, it’s time for a new era of Lanterns. These days, comic book movie fans are smart, having become accustomed to superhero stories. GREEN LANTERN CORPS has to do something fresh. It has to break boundaries and expand the kinds of stories the DCEU is capable of telling.

We’ve already seen Hal Jordan get his powers. We’ve already seen Earth saved from imminent doom (countless times). Now, it’s time to see something wacky. It’s time to see Hal and John Stewart fly across the universe to meet Kilowog for an epic intergalactic buddy-cop quest. It’s time to see watch Sinestro turn from superhero to supervillain.

Green Lantern is an incredibly rich comic book property. With the endless reach of the Green Lantern mythos, the DCEU will be able to take leaps and bounds in terms of character development and originality of superhero movie content.

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  1. Kal

    April 25, 2019 at 4:38 pm

    Nope. Jordan should not ‘move over” until they do him justice. Give him a better portrayal than the 2011 movie did, then worry about replacing him. That’s why idea of the “tired veteran” doesn’t appeal to me. If they would have him in the movie only in order to replace him, then there’s no need to have him there at all.


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