“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” This is the main theme to keep in mind as you begin to read my story. Though she is cute, Hairball is a cunning thief with a rigid backstory that you will only start to uncover. Hairball’s journey will begin in a land of medieval fantasy know as Yardinia, but don’t get too comfortable. The places she will reach, the friends she meets, and the enemies that she will face are beyond anything I can fit on one page. I hope you take this once a week journey with her and I’ll try my hardest to make it worth your while!

The First Drawing Of Hairball.

How HAIRBALL came to CV

About three years ago I was sitting at home watching THE HOBBIT with my cat Charlotte. I loved the designs of the dwarves’ armor and decided to see how my cat would look in it. Afterward, I began to develop a story around my sword-wielding feline.I had developed the idea into a script for an advanced screenwriting class and my professor pushed me to keep moving forward with it. There was an idea for a larger story, but nothing felt right on paper. I even started reformatting it as a tabletop card game. I decided to shelf the idea for awhile and develop my skills as a creator.

From my personal project #studyingabroadwithcartooncats

Since then I’ve worked on several animation and graphic design projects that gave me a lot of great experience. After studying abroad in France, I realized how much I loved drawing cartoon cats. Though I love all animals, cats’ natural independent nature gives them a human-like quality unlike any of our other four-legged friends. I finally wanted to show the world Hairball again! Eventually, ComicsVerse.com opened pitches for Webcomics and here we are!

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