The trailer for INFINITY WAR has been out for two weeks now. It features many of the MCU’s biggest stars and gives us an abundance of fine details to analyze. However, we can’t approach May 2018 with near-sightedness. Marvel wants its fans to examine the trailer closely, but they also want to surprise us in theaters. So, keep in mind that they will intentionally leave things out of the trailer to deliver those goods. That’s why I wanted to take a look at how the Guardians in INFINITY WAR could each do their part.

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While the Guardians of the Galaxy are featured in the trailer (unlike Ant-Man, Hawkeye, and Valkyrie *cough cough*), all we really see is whom the team consists of. Mantis accompanies our main heroes, and Groot seems to maintain his Teen form. In my opinion, the end of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 leaves much up to interpretation for how INFINITY WAR could shake out. So without further ado, here’s some stats regarding our Guardians in INFINITY WAR.

Peter Quill, a.k.a. Star-Lord

Species: Half human, half celestial

Age: 37

Attributes: Exceptional pilot, Skilled Marksman, Lover of music, Ability to harvest celestial energy


So in GOTG2, we learn that Peter Quill’s DNA is half human, half celestial. This explains why, in the first movie, Peter can hold an Infinity Stone with his bare hands. We also see in GOTG2 that Peter can harness celestial power, with which he can create a ball of energy.

At the end of the film, Peter’s celestial powers fade away after Ego’s brain is destroyed. Chances are, this signifies the fact that Peter can no longer harness the celestial power physically. In any case, he still retains the celestial DNA. This could play a huge role for the Guardians in INFINITY WAR, considering six Infinity Stones are being thrown around amid chaos. All he has to do is catch one. Good thing he tossed that energy ball around with Dad for practice.

Could something in INFINITY WAR trigger Peter’s DNA to give him this manifestation of celestial power back? It’s possible that Peter could regain possession of the Power Stone and use his celestial powers to help defeat Thanos. It’d make sense cinematically because the audience has already associated the purple gem with Peter in the first GOTG.

And INFINITY WAR will more than likely push every hero it can to his or her fullest potential. Also, it’d be very unfair to let Peter’s celestial powers go unaided by a stone when Dr. Strange gets the Time Stone and Vision gets the Mind Stone. Peter deserves it! Going back to the trailer, though, we notice that the Power Stone is the first gem collected by Thanos, so expect Peter’s potential celestial homecoming to be at the very end.

Teen Groot

Guardians in infinity war

Species: Sentient Tree-Creature

Age: 3 (technically), but ages at accelerated pace

Attributes: Angsty teen, Fearless fighter, Most likely a heartbreaker


In GOTG2, Baby Groot successfully takes down one of the security men as Yondu and Rocket make their great escape from prison. He also helps break Rocket and Yondu out from their cell and pushes the correct button to blow up Ego’s brain. Even in his baby form, Groot isn’t completely useless. So now that Groot is a teen, we can expect he’ll be pretty agile and have some fighting skills under his belt as one of the Guardians in INFINITY WAR.

I expect to see some of that teen-angst from the GOTG2 end credit scene resurface. Teens can be incredibly resilient, you know. Despite Groot’s incredibly fast aging process in GOTG2, we probably won’t see him become Adult Groot. Terry Notary, who is given acting credits for Teen Groot in INFINITY WAR, is also listed to act in the 2019 UNTITLED AVENGERS film.

This means he’ll have to stay relatively the same size for CGI purposes. But who knows, maybe Teen Groot will be even more lovable than Baby Groot. If so, we won’t mind sticking with him for another installment.


Guardians in Infinity War

Species: Zen-Whoberis

Age: Unknown 

Attributes: Trained assassin, Skilled swordswoman, Rebellious daughter, Ruthless sister


Having a father plot to destroy the universe might qualify as the biggest, ‘daddy issue’ of all. But abilities-wise, Gamora isn’t so different than she has been in the past. In GOTG2, Peter quickly (and jealousy) points out that she has upgraded her weaponry:

“It’s just… swords were your thing, and guns were mine. But I guess we’re both doing guns now. I just didn’t know that.”

The bigger transformation for Gamora happens emotionally. Gamora learns to trust people again and lets in two essential people: Peter and Nebula. First, we see Gamora dancing on a balcony with Peter. Then, she gives her sister a goodbye hug just before Nebula departs on her mission to “kill Thanos.” And finally, Gamora admits that there is, in fact, some, “unspoken thing,” between her and Peter.

It’s not exactly two cases of, “I love you,” but it’s a start. Could it be that Gamora uses her new grip on her emotions to pull some father-daughter strings with Thanos in INFINITY WAR? Eh, maybe as a way to stall. Other than that, we probably won’t see any new tricks up Gamora’s sleeves.

guardians in infinity war

Species: Luphomoid-turned-Cyborg

Age: Unknown

Attributes: Trained assassin, Mechanical warrior, Jealous sister


Until revisiting GOTG2, I completely forgot that Nebula was still relevant as one of the Guardians in INFINITY WAR. And yes, that’s probably because she wasn’t in the trailer. The last time we see Nebula is in GOTG2 when Gamora offers her a place in the Guardian lineup. Nebula refuses.

“There are little girls like you across the universe who are in danger. You can stay with us and help them,” Gamora says.

“I will help them by killing Thanos.”

Nebula then departs on her own spacecraft. It’s worth noting that Karen Gillan, the actress who plays Nebula, is listed on IMDb for both INFINITY WAR and the 2019 UNTITLED AVENGERS film. If I had to guess, Nebula might go on to be one of the stars in MCU’s Phase 4.

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For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, though, I don’t see Nebula being super useful in battle. Her powers aren’t any better than the other heroes.’ The only thing Nebula has that no one else does is the ability to double-cross Thanos. For all Thanos knows, Nebula could have been Gamora’s prisoner this entire time. In fact, in the Infinity Gauntlet comic, Nebula does exactly that.

She steals the gauntlet from Thanos and attempts to take over the universe herself. Who knows? Nebula could either fight alongside the other Guardians in INFINITY WAR, or go rogue and try to defeat Thanos herself. But I think if she couldn’t even defeat Gamora on her own in GOTG2, then she’s better off playing nice with the others for now.

Mantisguardians in infinity war

Species: Insectoid

Age: Mid-20’s

Attributes: Manipulator of emotion, Empathic friend, Cosmic communicator


Mantis has some pretty unique powers. However, they weren’t exactly the main focus of GOTG2. She can read psychic vibrations to manipulate emotions, but she’ll have to do more than that as one of the Guardians in INFINITY WAR if she wants to stand out. Especially since Scarlet Witch brings mind control powers to the table, which can inadvertently have an effect on emotions.

In AGE OF ULTRON, Scarlet Witch makes Cap, Widow, Thor, and Hulk hallucinate so vividly that it renders them drained, and almost emotionless. That being said, Mantis’ powers are much different than mind control. If Mantis uses her powers to convince a villain to stop attacking, I hope INFINITY WAR makes a point to show an actual change in emotion, and not just the ‘render them emotionless,’ treatment that Scarlet Witch is capable of.

I question a possible team-up between Mantis and Scarlet Witch to stop Thanos once he has a few Infinity Stones collected. Maybe Mantis will do more than we expect her to after all.

More on Mantis

What I found to be interesting is the fact that Mantis’ Wiki page specifically lists under her powers section that she can, “communicate directly with cosmic beings such as Eternity and Death.” Wait a minute! In GOTG2, didn’t we hear Peter claim he saw, “Eternity?”

And, wait a minute (again)! Doesn’t Thanos (in the comics) try to collect the Infinity Stones to prove his love for Death? Death’s character bio literally says that she, “perceives an imbalance in the universe,” which causes her to resurrect Thanos. Pretty coincidental, considering Thanos’ words in the INFINITY WAR TRAILER.

“Fun isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe, but this does put a smile on my face.”

Could Mantis help summon either Eternity or Death in INFINITY WAR to help the Avengers battle against the Infinity Stones? If so, that would certainly be enough to make Mantis take the reigns. It might not happen, but this information is good to have on deck. And using this ability would immediately make Mantis’ powers considerably more distinct than Scarlet Witch’s. So we’ll see.


guardians in infinity war

Species: Rechristened Human (spirit was placed in enhanced body)

Age: Mid-40’s

Attributes: Seeker of vengeance, Brute force of strength, Refined humorist


Similar to Nebula’s proclamation about killing Thanos in GOTG2, Drax says in the first Guardians installment:

“Ronan was only a puppet. It’s really Thanos I need to kill.”

Ronan murdered Drax’s wife and daughter sometime before the first GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY film. Throughout the movie, we feel very sympathetic for Drax, mainly because he’s alone, and secondarily because he doesn’t understand sarcasm or metaphors.

In GOTG2, we’re over the moon that Drax finds a new love interest in Mantis. Although, it is insulting that he calls her ugly… even if he calls her beautiful, “on the inside.” On that note, Mantis has not yet been cast in the 2019 UNTITLED AVENGERS film (nor have any of the other Guardians in INFINITY WAR besides Nebula). But all I’m saying is that I’m going to be pissed if another person that Drax loves dies.

Rocket Raccoon

guardians in infinity war

Species: Genetically Modified Earth Raccoon

Age: Multiple centuries old

Attributes: Technological genius, Gun enthusiast, the real, “muscle”


I more or less expect Rocket to continue being the tech-savvy badass he’s always been. We’ll probably see him shooting multiple rounds of bullets, modifying weaponry, and parenting Teen Groot to the best of his abilities. And for the love of god, let’s hope he doesn’t cry. That really tugged at my heartstrings.

Rocket’s whole character arc in GOTG and GOTG2 has been to become less selfish. In both films, he made significant progress: both breaking down when he thought he lost Groot, and then putting aside his differences with Yondu to successfully break out of prison. INFINITY WAR will be a test for Rocket because he’ll be around other semi-selfish characters (ahem, Tony Stark) that could revert him back to his old ways.

Even though he’s less self-absorbed, I doubt that this will help Rocket in the battle against Thanos. But it would be a good subplot for INFINITY WAR to explore Rocket’s relationships with other characters in the MCU if he’s going to continue to be a star player in Phase 4.

Honorable Mention: Kraglin

Species: A-Chilitarian

Age: Late 30’s/Early 40’s

Attributes: Apprentice of the late Yondu


Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing Kraglin mastering Yondu’s arrow as one of the Guardians in INFINITY WAR. Actor Sean Gunn is not listed for the cast of INFINITY WAR. At least, not for the role of Kraglin. He’ll be acting as, ‘Teen Groot’ for CGI purposes, but don’t expect Kraglin to save the gang when the going gets tough.

Guardians in INFINITY WAR — Closing Remarks

GUARDIANS IN infinity war

Rocket Raccoon. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The moral of the story is, if you lose hope during INFINITY WAR, remember that there are a few characters (especially from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) who might have other plans in the making. The INFINITY WAR trailer never shows Nebula, an honorary Guardian, so we know to keep her in the back of our minds.

In addition to her, be on the watch for characters like Ant-Man, Valkyrie, and Hawkeye who also weren’t in the trailer. You never know what they could bring to the table in a battle.

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR comes to theaters on May 4th, 2018.

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