With GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOLUME 2 steadily approaching its release date, Marvel has been releasing trailers to hype audiences up. With that in mind, the newest teaser trailer for the film has just been released and could use a breakdown to make sense of all the wonderment the film has in store for us.

In the very first instant, the trailer leads with Gamora standing in front of a large space monster with a sword while two ships shoot at it overhead.  This scene instantly tells us that something large has already happened in the film since the monster seems to be in an important location (a location featured throughout the trailer). This is inferred from the fact that the very opening shot shows a large high up platform with many bright yellow portals, presumably the place where an invasion would take place. Using that speculation as a starting point, it makes sense that these invaders would place a giant space monster there to stall and to get ready to invade. Additionally, the two spaceships are actually two people on jetpacks shooting guns at the monster to no effect. This tells us that something happened to the ship the Guardians had in the first movie. Maybe it was destroyed somehow or sucked into one of those portals. Either way, there must be a reason as to why the Guardians are on jetpacks instead of inside their ship. They could be causing a distraction to the monster so Gamora can slice its neck from behind, as seen later in this trailer.

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The next shot shows Star-Lord on the edge of a cliff facing menacing looking ships that look intent on his destruction. Again, it seems as though this is part of an elaborate plan by the Guardians, perhaps using Quill as bait so an armada of allies can come shoot them from behind. The shot here seems related to one later wherein Star-Lord is seen through a hole talking to Rocket in a deep cave chasm. Behind Quill is a battle between spaceships so you can see where this speculation stems from.

Next, Drax is seen foolishly taking on the space monster from earlier, head on. The monster has its mouth wide open and presumably swallows Drax hole. This is garnered from later within the trailer where Drax is seen inside a mushy orange area hacking away at the wall of flesh that surrounds him.

Drax against the space monster.

The next scene focuses on Rocket and Baby Groot. It does not seem very important to the storyline since Rocket is trying to teach Groot to choose the right button on a detonator. Clearly it will have a tremendous effect on things within the film, but for now, it’s pointless to speculate on besides for it being used for the big spaceship battle that was mentioned above earlier. It does obviously fit the tone of the Guardians series though in terms of humor which has also become a staple of the films, so expect lots of laughs in a similar fashion to the first film.

Rocket explains the detonator to Groot.

Gamora, Star-Lord, and Drax open the next scene up while in a jungle setting. Star-Lord’s ship is destroyed behind them and they are presumably salvaging what they can before heading out. It seems as though this may happen early on in the film as most scenes in the trailer do not feature the ship. However, one could also argue that the ship is still around throughout other scenes but is being kept hidden somewhere (or Knowhere perhaps) to keep it safe. In either case, the ship is destroyed here and maybe even leads the team to end up on earth. If that does happen, it would seem unlikely that they are set up for the next Guardians film appearance since Groot and Rocket are not with them. They may also be deliberate though since the team also has Mantis, Yondu, and presumably Gamora’s sister Nebula as new members. Therefore Gamora, Star-Lord, and Drax may have split up intentionally or due to circumstances from the rest of the team who could be left at the base in space. If that were the case, the potential for an Avengers and Guardians meet up on Earth would make sense in order to save the rest of the Guardians from Thanos or another threat while they are not with them on Earth.

Gamora, Star-Lord, and Drax are seen in a forest setting exiting a destroyed ship.

The next scene features Quill, Drax, and Gamora on the same platform from earlier surrounded by yellow portals. Quil says “Showtime a-holes”, meaning something big is about to happen. This scene looks to be what happens before the giant space monster appears. It seems that Quill and Drax are the ones that fly on jetpacks trying to do damage to the monster from earlier. Rocket is seen briefly in the corner, which is perplexing considering how he is not present in the earlier scene. Perhaps he was setting up an explosive or creating a weapon to help take down the monster or the portals. Additionally, Quill is holding some old technology in his hand, similar to an old Game Boy. It most likely is a strategy guide the team made in order to prepare for the situation they’re in.

“Showtime a-holes”.

Rocket pushes a button in the next scene and shortly after that a group of people gets caught in a trap of sorts. What’s interesting here is this all takes place in a forest setting, presumably the one from before where half the team is stranded when the ship is destroyed. Rocket is once again not shown in the earlier scene, so he and Groot and whoever else may be in different parts of the forest are separated from the rest of the team. Either way, it seems this group of people could be hunting the Guardians in pursuit of something they have. It would make sense that they are the Ravagers from the first film. Although Yondu, the leader seems to have left them, they may want revenge on our heroes for recruiting Yondu or for other reasons.

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Shortly after that comes a scene where Star-Lord is alone in his Milano ship outmaneuvering the same menacing ships that he was facing earlier. Either he escaped them and somehow got into his ship by tricking them or by luck in classic Star-Lord fashion, or he’s luring them to the cliff spot. It would make sense to lure them there in connection to the earlier speculation involving Rocket and Groot within the cave. Star-Lord may have led them there for Rocket and Groot to blow them up, but Rocket wants Groot to wait to make sure their reinforcements aren’t destroyed in the blast.

The next sequence of shots shows each character’s name featuring a small clip of action. First is Star-Lord where he is seen standing on the same platform from earlier scenes where the giant monster will appear. He then puts on his helmet and starts to fly with his jetpack. This scene seems to occur either right after the monster arrives or slightly before in preparation for it as Quill seems to be one of two people (the other being Drax most likely) to try (and fail) to shoot the monster from above.

Star-Lord ready to fight.

After comes Gamora, who is seen running in the same area from the scenes earlier, then jumping, followed by running on the monster’s tentacle, then subsequently stabbing it in the back of the head. Again this goes in accordance to earlier scenes where the team has a plan in place to take down the beast. Gamora was provided an easy entry point after Quill and Drax distracted it at first, which failed, as seen by Drax being eaten by the monster. Either way, the distraction worked somehow and Gamora is able to defeat the monster.

Gamroa ready to attack.

Drax comes next, saying “Screw you spaceship” while squatting on the ground in the forest. Perhaps a ship followed them from the battle earlier in space and was finally blown up somehow by an ally. Then Drax is shown presumably in the belly of the monster from earlier, striking blows to it internally after being eaten. The forest scene with Drax probably comes after the Guardian’s ship is destroyed since that earlier scene shows the group in a clearing, while Drax here is seen in a heavily wooded area.

Drax in the forest.

Rocket follows after with a short scene reminiscent of the one from the first movie wherein Rocket is on Groot’s shoulder shooting robots while attempting escape from the Kyln prison. Here however the enemies are offscreen, although Yondu is seen behind Rocket and Groot, presumably in a stance where he uses his arrow ability. In any case, Rocket, Groot, and Yondu are indeed separate from the group for some point of time. Maybe all the Guardians were trying to help Yondu escape after the Ravagers turned on him and through him in jail.

Groot rides on Rocket’s shoulder in a scene similar to the first movie.

And lastly, comes Baby Groot, or Groot, shown to be throwing a Ravager off a high platform with his vines. The camera then follows the Ravager’s body as it falls, and stops for a second to show someone walking by. It seems whoever is walking by may be Yondu as it looks like the same outfit from the earlier scene with Rocket, Groot, and Yondu. Both figures wear a long leather coat so it certainly seems plausible. Groot here is also seen wearing a Ravagers jacket so perhaps he and Groot infiltrated the facility for some unknown reason.

Groot after getting rid of a Ravager.

The trailer then switches back to more clips of the movie, in particular, the initial scene where Star-Lord and Rocket talk briefly. Rocket and Groot are within a cave while Star-Lord shouts down into a hole when Rocket asks for tape. Again, behind Quill a space battle takes place, presumably between the ships from earlier that were facing off against Quill while he’s by the edge. Groot runs off with the device that can blow everything up, which will be important in some unknown capacity.

Star-Lord looking down into the cave to talk to Rocket while a battle happens behind him.

Gamora is briefly shown fleeing gunfire from Star-Lord’s ship within a cavern in a desert setting. Following that Star-Lord is wearing his mask in what appears to be a cave with green smoke behind him. It’s unclear whether the two short scenes are connected (most likely not), but the trailer wants us to associate the two shots together. In any case, Gamora is clearly fleeing someone who stole Quill’s ship, which probably comes before it gets destroyed. Perhaps the Guardians reclaimed the ship but then crashed it while in the space battle from earlier. And for the scene with Star-Lord, maybe he’s protecting someone or something from thieves or from bodyguards. This may seem to be a stretch but perhaps he’s guarding Adam Warlock’s cocoon which gives off green smoke when it opens. In any event, these two scenes will give something to look forward to in the coming months before the film arrives.

Gamora fleeing what appears to be Star-Lord’s ship.

Lastly, Mantis is seen sitting in an area with Drax, Star-Lord, and Gamora in the doorway. Mantis explains her ability, to see or feel feelings when she touches someone, which she does with Star-Lord. She then says that he has feelings for Gamora which causes her to smile. Perhaps the romantic relationship between Gamora and Star-Lord is shown more in this film (hopefully not an overarching subplot, it’s too cheesy). In any case, Drax with the subtlety of a bull in a china shop embarrasses Star-Lord by saying Mantis revealed Quill’s darkest secret in comedic fashion. Drax then follows that up by saying “do me, do me” repeatedly.

Mantis sits between Drax and Star-Lord while Gamora stands to the left in the doorway.

With all that being said, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOLUME will undoubtedly live up to the well-deserved hype after the first film and the new trailers. Although some plot elements have become apparent through analysis of scenes mentioned above, nothing too revealing has even remotely come out in terms of storyline (except from James Gunn, the director himself). Based on the speculation the trailer spurs, it will be an exciting ride to see all our favorite space heroes once again overcome challenges and be the key to connecting to INFINITY WAR in the not so distant future.



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