INFINITY COUNTDOWN #2 by Gerry Duggan, Aaron Kuder, Mike Hawthorne, Terry Pallot, and Jordie Bellaire continues the cosmic action. Our heroes face immeasurable enemies while the stakes climb further and further. The art team’s work also shines. They manage to capture all the chaotic battles while showcasing the more human moments. For a cosmic event, INFINITY COUNTDOWN #2 manages to stay grounded.

INFINITY COUNTDOWN #2 Page 2. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.


Besides a brief interlude, INFINITY COUNTDOWN #2 picks up from the last issue with the Guardians of the Galaxy battling Scar, a larger more evil version of Groot. Also, it’s worth noting Groot can now talk in full sentences. The Guardians defeat Scar, then travel to Xitaung to regroup with Drax and the remaining Nova Corps to fight back Warbringer and his forces. Meanwhile, Adam Warlock gets into the fray and finds another hero drawn into the war!


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I’ve talked about this in my previous reviews but Gerry Duggan continues to create epic moments throughout this series, and INFINITY COUNTDOWN #2 has plenty to offer. Groot fighting Scar, Galactus arriving, Nova meeting a familiar person on the battlefield. Each one of these moments has a wonderful surprise to them that amps up the story. These “wow” moments usually exist in crossovers but they tend to be more melodramatic like a death or resurrection. Duggan wisely decides not use death so flippantly (but there is plenty of time, this being a crossover I’m sure someone is bound to meet their cosmic maker).

INFINITY COUNTDOWN #2 Page 6. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Humor Against All Odds

Groot’s personality is a treat. Because he can now talk, we’re able to get a better understanding of what he’s feeling and thinking. Surprisingly, Groot’s behavior is a lot like Drax. Seeing him boast about how many he’s killed and his joy of destruction is surprisingly entertaining. I can’t wait to see more of Groot and Drax together to share in their destructive lusts.

INFINITY COUNTDOWN #2 Page 8. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Humor plays a big part in INFINITY COUNTDOWN #2. Along with Groot, several other characters including Drax, Rocket, and Ant-Man get some great lines here. It’s not that the book doesn’t take itself seriously: the odds are very slim and several characters talk about this possibly being the end. Instead of taking a gram and gritty feel, the book actually decides to embrace its science fiction adventure roots and just go wild with it. The scene featuring Galactus might be one of the most fun scenes I’ve witnessed in a comic book in very long time. Without spoiling it, let’s just say not everything is what it seems with the big purple guy.

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Adam Warlock goes out seeking answers only to find himself face to face with Ultron who has captured another hero. If you’ve managed to avoid future solicitations like I have, it’s a nice surprise to see who shows up. As much as I enjoy reading about the Guardians, I hope we see the other core players more next issue. I know there are several spin-offs happening that may feature other characters, but I just hope they are not required reading for this series.


Aaron Kuder, Mike Hawthorne, and Terry Pallot do a fantastic job with the art for this issue. Every panel and scene has weight to it. You feel the weight of the cosmos on these characters as they are trying to save everything. The best part of the book is when Richard Rider meets Talon-R (his long lost brother): the emotions given to both characters describe a thousand different feelings. I also want to point out Jordie Bellaire’s coloring. Between the effects, he gives to Galactus and the colors of Rockets’ weapons really make the page come alive.

To Somewhere and Beyond!

INFINITY COUNTDOWN #2 continues what might just be Marvel’s best book on the shelves right now. It’s one of the better crossovers I’ve read in years. It has a perfect mixture of drama, action, humor, and suspense to keep the reader flipping pages like a madman. The art and colors bring the biggest cosmic war to life. This is definitely a series you don’t want to miss.


INFINITY COUNTDOWN #2 by Gerry Duggan, Aaron Kuder, Mike Hawthorne, Terry Pallot, and Jordie Bellaire continues to amaze!
INFINITY COUNTDOWN #2 is proving to be an entertaining crossover with countless "wow" moments. The writing is spot on and the artwork makes the pages pop.
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Cosmic Wonder!
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