Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz have discovered something deep within the Horsehead Nebula in this Exclusive Preview of GREEN LANTERNS #42. This issue is written by Tim Seeley (GRAYSON, NIGHTWING), with art by V Ken Marion (TRINITY, TITANS). Will Conrad (GREEN LANTERN, NIGHTWING) is the main cover artist with the variant cover by Brandon Peterson (ULTIMATE X-MEN, X-MEN LEGACY). You can check out our Exclusive Preview of the opening pages and the covers below! GREEN LANTERNS #42 is out in comic stores on the 7th of March.

The Mission Resumes In GREEN LANTERNS #41

GREEN LANTERNS #42 continues the “INHUMAN TRAFFICKING” storyline! A lot happens to Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz in this latest arc. Missing superheroes lead Jessica to find a new dating app called Caper. They soon discover a criminal ring is using the app to run an interplanetary superhuman trafficking network.  As a result, they follow the clues to the far distant Horsehead Nebula. There, they learn that the criminals are linked to a religious organization known as the Order of the Steed.

In “INHUMAN TRAFFICKING” part three, they learn they can’t just go blasting in as Green Lanterns. And why is that? Because the Horsehead Nebula has been designated an Intergalatic Sacred site, which means: No Green Lanterns! If they want to gather evidence they must do one thing, convert to the Order of the Steed! They must go undercover as pilgrims to get to the bottom of this criminal act. Just what do the Order of the Steed want with superheroes from Earth? Can Simon and Jess stop this illegal operation without getting caught in the cross hairs? And what role will Scrapps, one time member of the Omega Men, play in the slaves’ liberation? These questions and more will be answered in GREEN LANTERNS #42, the penultimate chapter of “INHUMAN TRAFFICKING.”

Green Lanterns #42 is in shops March 7th

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