GREEN LANTERNS #39 ends "A World of Our Own" with the climactic battle for Ungara's future. Tim Seeley weaves an action-packed story with a message that painfully echoes the real world.
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Timely Conclusion
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GREEN LANTERNS #39 ends the “World of Our Own” storyline with (what else) a battle between Lanterns and an evil alien. However, the story manages to keep its message on refugees and tolerance throughout the fight.


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Oh, the Irony

The story picks up a short time after the last issue. Liseth Vok (pop singer and daughter of Ungara’s Regent) betrays Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz. They’re rescued just as Vok begins preaching to the people of Ungara about racial pride. Writer Tim Seeley strikes multiple notes with Vok’s words here. Her speech stands as a clear nod to the alt-right‘s pro-white speeches and propaganda. However, there’s also the unmistakable (and familiar) note of a celebrity (even an alien one) telling a culture how it should act towards others. It’s an obvious shot at modern politics, but it works all the same.

The creative team of artists Ronan Cliquet and Hi-Fi aid Seeley with their depiction of Vok. These artists excelled with the strong colors and battle scenes of past issues. Their depiction of Vok is the best example of story and art combining as one I’ve seen. Vok was enhanced with the power of multiple aliens species, which the team shows in full here.

GREEN LANTERNS #39 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

This adds an entirely new level of hypocrisy to Vok’s speech. All her words are meaningless because she isn’t a ‘true’ Ungaran either, but one who appropriated her power from the DNA of other aliens. Seeley and the artistic team have created a villain that promotes a message she fails to demonstrate, which makes it all the more satisfying when Baz and Cruz arrive.

Social Warfare

The two Lanterns arrive as Vok starts attacking the Molite refugees. Cruz delivers a blow in the form of a “real rock star.”

Further proof the 90’s were awesome. GREEN LANTERNS #39 page 5. Image courtesy DC Entertainment.

Both Lanterns show their anger at Vok’s racist statements, which perfectly fits their characters. Seeley knows his Lanterns, and makes their message human, not preachy. He also knows how to keep a battle going, as Vok mutates further and further while battling the Lanterns and her mother. The artistic team shows great enthusiasm for using as many abilities as they can for Vok. However, it’s what’s going on below the fight that deserves the most attention. The Molites struggle for cover under the heat of the battle and pray for relief. They get it, but not from divine intervention. Rather, relief comes from the Ungarans, rejecting Vok’s message and helping the refugees.

GREEN LANTERNS #39 page 15. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Vok doesn’t take this well, but the Lanterns use that against her to end the battle. Ungara begins to rebuild. The Lanterns reflect on everything that’s transpired, and how important what they do is.

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Final Thoughts on GREEN LANTERNS #39

GREEN LANTERNS #39 could have ended “A World of Our Own” on a preachy note. Instead, it gave a powerful message. The writing was spot on, and the artwork was amazing (especially the giant Kurt Cobain and mutating Vok). However, the greatest moments are when the art and the story came together to make a statement, whether it was one of hypocrisy or one of unity. GREEN LANTERNS boasts a great creative team. Here’s hoping for even better stories to come!

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